On a scale from 1 to 10, how do you feel about the world drop nerf?

1 being that you absolutely hate it and 10 being that you absolutely love it.

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I’m at a 3 right now. As someone who still loves playing MH10 I stuck with it because I loved how much I was being rewarded on all the legendaries and I didn’t want to compromise my loot and switch to MH11. But now it feels like I’m not even on MH anymore. I get that Gearbox wanted to reduce the drop rate to fit the new meta with the reroll system but what good is nerfing the drop rates when 90% of the gear is crap. Before, getting a Malek’s Bane to drop was nothing more than just one of many legendaries that dropped and I could sort through the piles and maybe find 1 good one, but now when that rare moment happens and I finally see a legendary and it’s the Malek’s Bane I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face. If gearbox wants to reduce the world drop this substantial, then they really need to buff 90% of the gear on the game to make any legendary that drops worth awhile. I would like to see gearbox buff this drop rate higher, but at a more reasonable level that accommodates those who run on MH10 or 11 and also buff many of the legendaries that still desperately need it. I’d also like to see them buff the scaling of purple and lower gear on MH levels. 99% of non legendaries are trash, making it so picking up a purple weapon and actually getting to kill and enemy and not tickle them on MH10 would be a nice change as well. Anyways that’s just my thoughts on this new change. I still enjoy playing and I’m loving the new gear on my Moze, but the overall feel of reward has been diminished.


Where’s the poll?


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I dont even want to play this game anymore… I got it a week or so ago on steam sale…

It seemed it was fun again they fixed some issues everything dropped its loot.

Now the games worse than mayhem 2.0s drop bugs…

Dlc.bosses dropping 3 greens m11


I wasn’t sure how to make a poll :sweat_smile:

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Ok it should be working now

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1 and im not even the kind to farm world drops ( usually arms race and specific drops only )

Nerfing anything at this point is ridiculous at best . Buff and fixes should be the only thing happening from now on … can’t say on the buff part but can say they have a whole 2 year of fixes to do still … let me sell you a house with a leaking roof , i will fix it 100% … over the next 10 years and probably never fix it completely !!!(thats how i feel about bl3 latest patch)

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didnt play it but everything reducing world drops is good at this point so 10 xD
i mean, i also decreased them by a lot in my own mod so…
you are usually just farming dedicated drops anyway
world drops are basically just orange screen clutter


I like the idea but they went a little overboard with it, a lot of content is unrewarding now. Farming only bosses gets boring, you better off farming vending machines than slaughter shaft for example. On the bright side game seems to run much better without all that clutter. If they can increase drop rates for circles, trials, red chests, maybe buff general world drops a bit too and give more eridium for dailies and weeklies game will be in a good spot.


Around 3. It doesn’t make the game completely unplayable to me, but I feel like it was generally speaking a bad move. High WD rates meant that you had a chance to get something you could use when farming something else entirely which typically felt good (plus, you can’t tell me it’s not awesome to kill a boss and have an eruption of golden loot beams, even if most of them turn out to be not useful to you).

Plus, this nerf negatively impacted farming for a few items that lack a dedicated drop location, such as the Old God shield from DLC2 as well as certain items that have a horrible dedicated drop source, such as the Deathless Artifact and all of the Slaughter Boss drops (Lyuda, Shreddifier, Launch Pad, Rowan’s Call, Lucien’s Call, Rocket Boots…).


Yup this is gonna suck, especially on console where your load times are crippled.while we are on the topic i feel like the nerf was good and bad. It helps you not waste time if your farming a specific item triffling through mostly garbage while going for that perfect drop. On the other hand console players will feel this hard and i dont think the community is fully prepared for how its going to affect builds you easily threw together because you got a few good world drops. The dropoff in world drops is lessend to an extent with the reroll machine. I think it also offers a release in the frusterating loop of going for the perfect annointments.


People who welcome these nerfs probably already have everything.


It is fine.
They may be some specific cases that require tunning. Generally speaking the lowering is justified, there are a grear number of loot sources, including Black Market which provides exclusive items like Kybs that were previously only accessible by farming one enemy.

I payed close attention doing my first Ava mystery run in Eden 6 which is one relatively short map:

1 legendary in vending machine
3 from a loot tink
1 from the mini boss
one loot jabber showed up and did not drop legendary, but for killing a bunch in Ambermire I saw that they drop legendaries at way higher rate than regular mobs it just not 100% which again is fine remember loot enemies in bl2?They were like 10 or so badasses
and they did not drop legendary.

So is that a so shocking result? I personally don t think so. You pay more attention to what you randomly got and if you want something specific the situation is way better than before with reroll machine and black market.


This patch should have released on the first week of the game… however since it’s a year and a half late it makes it 100 time WORSE

Legendary should be (RARE) but at the same time when i farm mobs for 2 hrs and only get about 3-4 legendary you can see a massive change in the game and I don’t know how I feel about it at this point


I’m pretty sure most people who still play this game already have everything, at least world drop items like hellwalkers and f*cking bouncing pairs. Sorry, I just dont see how you could’ve possibly missed the 100 legendaries an hour made possible by A) killing basic mob enemies B) killing any boss C) opening up vendors that could contain anywhere from 1 - 3 oranges D) opening chests, or E) the fabricator which spits out oranges for the price of 250 eridium

I am more than okay with this nerf and FAR from having “everything” as you stated. Not like I ever gave a damn about these world drops anyways, as my current items (and things I’m still actively farming for) are primarily dedicated drops only.


I’m sorry for those who still play on last Gen, as someone who played Xbox One BL3 since launch up until a few months ago, I know all too well the pain of waiting long times between load screens. Having this world drop nerf hits a bit harder to them in my opinion.


But isn’t this what people wanted? Too many legendaries right?

The people who never realized that the point of this game wasn’t farming guns… it was farming specific guns with specific weapon parts with specific anoints on them. The color of them is irrelevant and doesn’t change that fact

Blame the community. They wanted this despite being clueless to how this games loot economy is even supposed to work


Personally, I much prefer this change than to virtually every boss dropping a pile of random crappy legendaries on every kill. If a boss drops a legendary, I know it’s at least from the right item pool 90% of the time now.

Farming for anointments however is still a huge problem though, but that’s separate from the world drop nerf. If you want a specific item, you can at least now farm them without getting trolled by ASMD’s, Ten Gallons, and Malek’s Banes all the time.


Color of gun has nothing to do with rarity

What’s rare is the correct weapon parts and anoints on that gun and what you people wanting less loot have failed to grasp for years

Imagine spending 100 hours now getting a god roll

Now decrease that loot chance of drop by %50 and you’re looking at 150 hours

You’re not farming for guns in BL3 - you’re farming anoints, parts AND guns

Legendaries in BL3 are - and always have been - mostly irrelevant to the grind. Because the grind is for specific anoints on specific guns with specific weapon parts with specific elemental types - not just for orange guns

They didn’t lie when they said BL3 has “billions of guns” because it literally does - and you’re chasing a handful of them

So in order to actually achieve these things in your lifetime - loot needs to drop as frequently as it does


I don’t think you understand what the nerf actually is. If you’re farming for a specific item, you can go to the boss that drops that item and farm it at the same drop rate it had previously. Except now with this change, that boss won’t also drop a bunch of world drop legendaries that aren’t in its dedicated pool.

This change said goodbye to all those random ASMDs, Ten Gallons, Malek’s Banes, and other garbage and left you with being able to farm bosses for their dedicated drops and almost exclusively their dedicated drops.


Couldnt agree with this more. I think what it is mostly are casual players that dont fully understand this concept. How a gun behaves with its parts is key to understanding if its going to fit a build. Oh you got a flipper with better elemental damage but less fire rate and reload speed that will go great on an elemental amare but that same gun doesnt perform as well with zane maybe who has a reload and fire rate build. Thats just one of a billion possible parts combos that can really elevate a weapon.

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