On Action Skill Start Anointment question

The new anointment: “On action skill start, activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill”. What are they talking about exactly? Aren’t most effects that do that on the shield itself? I know there are a few exceptions but there must be more that I’m not thinking of to make this anoint viable (unless this is just another worthless anointment to throw in the trash heap). Does anyone know of a list of effects that trigger with this anoint?

Best example is stopgap when you break the shield your immune for 5s

With that annointment you can triggger that immunity while your shield is full

Stop Gap and Berner

Stop Gap and this anointmwnt would had been great with Moze except the 5 second immunity is spent ALL in IB animation lol.


OK, so that’s kind of what I thought. I got this:

since this anointment is on a shield this is basically worthless since most effects that trigger a shield are actually on a shield so having this anointment on a shield without an effect that triggers…yeah. Another worthless anointment. Sucks because I love the cryo damage buff on this. :frowning:

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Ouch. Bad combo

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I wonder if Moze capstone Tenacious Defense would trigger with this? I wish there were some Amara skills that would work with this…with Avatar this could be interesting.

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I like this anointment on the Wattson shield: it’ll drop four strong grenades where I fire it. (I have another Wattson with a Nova modifier that I’d love to get this anointment on). I also have it on a Black Hole, which I haven’t taken to the field, but should provide some fun shenannigans (probably be about the same with a Void Rift?)

It would also be handy on a Frozen Snowshoe (insta cryo-health nova).
I’m not sure what it would do with a Messy Breakup… seems like it would spawn then immediately despawn the second orb? :thinking:

I am on the hunt for a Revengenader with this anointment - My Clone and Barrier Zane uses this to throw grenades (with the Infiltrator COM, though this legit breaks the shield, where that anointment just throws the event trigger while leaving your shield full). This anointment would allow me to use that shield’s effect without pairing it with the Infiltrator COM (and without losing shields for a moment). My current Revengenader has a Safe Space modifier, and I love firing this off when enemies are in my face.

As I test these while typing here: combining this anointment with an Infiltrator COM will cause the shield to actually break, but it immediately fill up (where with a normal COM, it won’t break). Nice! :+1:

If anyone finds a Revengenader with this anointment and you want some peach points, you know where to find me. :wink:

Farming Traunt for 3 days for a stop-gap with this anoint and he just dropped this :slight_smile:


That’s nice. That would be nice with Avatar and lot’s of +CD modifiers. Just non-stop immunity lol.

That’s exactly what I thought :slight_smile:

It does, but also, you’re in Bear at that point. Not sure it ends up being too useful :joy:.

Basically what happens is that the game breaks, fills, and returns your shield to where it was really quickly. Nova Berner gets multiple Novas off of that.

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My last test didn’t trigger TD.

Had TD already been triggered beforehand? Cause I thought there was a thread of people excited because Deathless builds could now do TD.

Nope. I’d bern trying to trigger it. I cant make it work with Deathless.

This is what I thought as well but I watched a video (that I can’t for the life of me now find) of a build using the Frozen Snowshoe Shield on a Deathless build that apparently triggered TD. I think it was Joltzdude but I can’t find the video anywhere. The shield drains your shield and creates a nova based on shield size and then refills and triggers TD. It’s the only instance I could find of a 1hp build working in this manner so I assume it’s only that shield that allows this?

edit Found the video. Watch from 2:20:

The stop gap works well, now I’m really going to have to Farm Aurelia for a Frozen Heart with this anoint!

Oh I use this build on my Moze for mobbing! Not the same guns but it’s so fun to freeze like that. You also don’t have to have Tenacious defense if you are using Rushin Offensive because you can kinda get it back fast by just sprint firing for like 3 feet.

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True but TD gives a boost of shield + gun damage. So if you are sliding into mobs you can keep that buff up all the time and at will. Plus if you are using this with a Deathless build you only have 1hp so any added boost of shield at the point of depletion is probably good.

My only problem now is…I have never farmed Takedown so I have never seen that shield and with the way loot is working now…not sure now is a good time to start.

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Are you on ps4? I have a spare level 57. The anointment is not amazing but I could give it to you.

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