(on condition) add me, psn: mannyhorwitz

Hello everyone. Looking for op8 friends to play with, pref with mics. I always reset my playthroughs, so lots of open missions.


Looking for people who really appreciate op8, sharing ideas, tring new things etc… I always help my friends:)

No modders/modded bar’s? Funny, bcuz I coulda swore I played with you on Pre-Sequel and had you on my list for a while, and I belong to both groups…just because somebody has a modified BAR or decides to customize their gear instead of farming forever, that doesn’t make them any less worthy of playing with.

well the modded bars can be crazy – 9999% greater gun damage, etc. causes crashes, dominates the field (i can hardly do anything). plus sometimes those gear ‘customizations’ are crazy wrong, too. i worked hard for my 70k bl2 bar

I do play BL2 with a crazy BAR, but I also inform the host, ask if I can or can’t kill, as well as limit myself as per which weapons I use. In pre-sequel it’s actually more fair, and by ‘customized’, I mean I build my gear with the parts I want so I’m not farming for days(I hate farming). I also DID play legit for a few playthroughs of each before modding, so I understand the pride of doing it legit.

Your reasons for cheating are your own and they can be good or not, but discussing them here is against forum rules.

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FYI - Modding anything on the Playstation (or any console) violates the terms of service you agreed to.
This discussion also violates the forum rules.

As long as you’re using these forums, there will be no such conversations.
Have any issues, message me. But this conversation is done here.

If you’re not looking to join Manny to play, move along.