On console, the texts and ui are REALLY small and hard to read

I don’t know if it’s my own problem but I found the text is somewhat unreadable due to its tiny size. I’m playing it on ps4 with a 70’’ tv from a 10 feet distance.
For example, on the mini map it’s really hard to tell which way I’m heading since the triangle is so small and my pet is always on top of me which makes it even harder to tell the directions.
Another issue I experienced was input delay while moving the camera and opening menus.
Man I really hope they will have some kind of fix for this

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I don’t know about the PS4 version, but the PC version has a option to adjust the UI display. Maybe check through your options?

I already did, but couldn’t find anything like that, the only rescaling size is for subtitle:(

I’ve got the same issue on XB1, and I’m rocking an HD projector on a 120" screen! There is an option to adjust the subtitle size, but nothing for the UI text. Hoping a patch comes for this one soon, although I can’t figure out how this wasn’t caught before launch.

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I only have a 22’ screen and my xbox is on perma-widescreen so it’s even smaller and more cramped. I have to be practically nose-to-screen to make out any of the text

I wrote a thread about this also (not that I’m trying to make that point, only that I agree with you.) 72" screen, playing XB1 co-op, text in general is so tiny I’m getting eyestrain from trying to see it.

We have a HUGE heavy coffee table in front of our couch, but I’m thinking moving it and sitting in a lawn chair with my nose to the screen is the only way I’m going to be able to play this game.

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