"on grenade throw" with clone/drone

so i saw a picture of one of these but i wondered, does the annointment still proc if the clone or drone drops a copy of your grenade, or for that matter everytime duct tape mod procs?

havent found one yet myself but if anyone has one and has tested it i would appreciate the info pls.

p.s. the annointment says on grenade throw get 25% weapon, grenade and action skill damage for x seconds.

I keep meaning to getting around to testing it but I keep being distracted.

I did test a couple aspects of just the grenade itself. I discovered it does not increase it’s own damage (on test dummy). So I throw nade, it does xx damage, next nade does same damage and again and again same damage. It did however increase my gun damage. I have yet to test if it increases Dopplebanger yet.

I will try to take the time to test these real soon.

Conclusion: Yes Clone and Drone both proc the anoint.

Damage goes from 852 to 1065 in both cases in my test.

I will test DoppleBanger another time unless someone gets to it first.


fab work, most appreciated bud.

need to get some grenade farming in then it seems :ok_hand:

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Doesn’t it just trigger as soon as you throw? So it always procs? The only way to test would ve to use a similar grenade without the anoint

Ah you are right ‘on thrown’. Good point. Using another nade wouldn’t really work either unless I found one with the same damage value. Swapping after throw could work I suppose. Pretty much hard to test. I’m fine with knowing it does work on gun damage though. I still want to find out if it’s working for Dopplebanger and I have in mind a build I’ve been wanting to do so that’s going to be tested soon as well.

Actually I just tried with nade swapping. Swapping out the nade probably removes the anoint affect. But I threw a fastball, swapped to that anoint nade, threw it, swapped to the fastball, threw. No change.

Update I have the same nade exact damage without the anoint but it’s radiation so I’m going to test it. The rad shouldn’t make a difference on dummy. I’ll post vid soon.

Well nevermind on that.

The rad version reads exactly same Damage + elemental damage as this anointed Corrosive version (it’s the same exact nade). Somehow the rad one does almost 1k more on the dummy. Impossible to test unless I find the exact nade with same element I guess.

You expect a test dummy to be neutral with damage types. But apparently they were super lazy there and it counts as ‘red bar’. ugh

Well at least we have the cars as “yellow bars”

Duct Tape mod also works with the annointment. I also tried “it’s piss” “damaged enemies take +20% increased damage for 6 seconds” which does not work on the dummy but on normal enemies it applies the debuff correctly.