On Inclusivity and TPS/BL2/etc

(Jianderson) #1

Just wanted to link to a great video.

Because I continually see people talking about Janey, Athena, and near any character that doesn’t fit into the straight white male normality of what is considered an equal person. This thread is a great example of such things.

Just wanted to see what everyone thought. Clearly, this isn’t a BL2 video. But, it’s related, and I can pull quotes directly from the thread I linked to a lot of what he said.

(The Bonerfart) #2

Love the Escapist <3

Don’t agree with BL2’s review on Zero Punctuation though…

(CivilZombie) #3

I’m all for inclusivity, but I think Burch forces it a bit too much. It seems like he’s trying to redeem himself for something with all the gratuitous “I’m gay” comments. Ok, you’re gay, so what? If anyone is in the slightest impressed/offended/pleased with that, it comes to show that they don’t have a mature way of looking at these things and that deep inside there is still inequality in the way people view these relations, which, if you ask me, shouldn’t be the case. We’re on the XXI century after all for god’s sake.

(Qmark) #4

Well, that would explain why there’s all of maybe three children on Pandora and its moon.

(Jianderson) #5

I can actually quote a segment in the video in which he goes right into that. May I?

(CivilZombie) #6

Go ahead. I watched it but didn’t pay much attention.

(Maxx Ammo) #7


----> Dr. Ned looking to extract Eridium from a Psycho & and he yells " Im gunna eat all your babies"

The subtext is forced and not a perfect fit on Pandora IMHO. It took me out of the moment and reminded me I’m watching someone’s writing which is a fail ~ again IMHO.

(Jianderson) #8

Time stamps of 1:40 and 3:18, 3:49 are great.

(CivilZombie) #9

I agree completely. With both sides of the argument; this is a videogame, it’s supposed to be fun, I don’t care if characters are gay, hetero, bi or have any other sexual preference. That’s up to each individual. I think it’s a sign of social immaturity that people feel the need to include socially correct stuff or quotas everywhere.

(Qmark) #10

At the very least, it’s better to “fill the quotas” at the beginning, instead of awkwardly implementing a “Stardoe” later.

(CivilZombie) #11

What is a stardoe?

(Qmark) #12

“Stardoe” is shorthand for a character getting a gender-flip or some other fundamentally-significant design change in a remake/reboot/whatever.

Specifically, “Stardoe” refers to Lt. Starbuck in the new Galactica.

(CivilZombie) #13

Oh I see. The fact that they get changed still gets classified under my list of things that are unnecessary.

(Zamb92) #14

Don’t really care about gay characters. I do care about forced dialogue/pandering writing, something which BL2 and TPS sometimes has in my opinion, usually in the name of promoting the gay/mild SJW stuff. I guess it’s better than forced writing that serves no purpose, but crap lines are crap lines.

(Boothwah) #15


/Forced writing slashie to get to ten characters.
// ^crap line^


Agreed, there’s absolutely no point to the exposition of sexuality of -any- of the characters. It doesn’t help the plot, it’s not funny, it doesn’t make me care more/less, and doesn’t change the way I look at the world. Well with the exception of Moxxi; the trailer for the underdome was funny to me and it did expose that she was at least heterosexual in marriage. The funny, however, was the Konami code. She could’ve had five wives for all I care.

Edit: Correction; Not all characters, namely Nakayama.

(HeyCarNut) #17

Yes. If I’d wanted to play Planet Unicorn, I’d buy Planet Unicorn…

(Qmark) #18

I dunno. Nakayama without the “I hope senpai will notice me!” crush on Jack just isn’t the same.


I stand corrected.

(Omfgmegatron) #20

The only reason you think it’s “forced” is because of the sexuality of the characters. No one complained that Scooter was overtly heterosexual in Borderlands 2 but as soon as a few people are identified as gay or bi, suddenly the writing is “forced”

People complained that the one line of dialogue where Hamnerlock said “an old boyfriend of mine” was forced. It was one line. He briefly mentioned it.