On Installing Clean Graphics Card Drivers

I’m making this thread for the convenience of everyone this can be linked to. I’ve posted these same instructions so many times before, it’s easiest to put it here, although this is not a Borderlands specific fix by any means.

Installing clean graphics drivers is a rather easy process, although the idea of actually having to do it in the first place is rather annoying. You’d think by now they’d just completely clear out the old ones before installing the new ones. In any case, let’s get started.

First things first, you need to identify what brand of Graphics card you have, and what model. Quick Google searches will be your friend if you do not know, and go ahead and grab the drivers you need for that model. Usually, latest are best. Do not install them yet.

Next, once you have them downloaded, you need to get Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) from the site linked there. Pretty simple, go download the utility, run its self-extractor, then run the output.

If you have an AMD GPU, it’s safe to not reboot into Safe Mode, and also to “Clean and Do Not Restart.” I’ve done this for all of my AMD based systems, and other people report the same findings. It’s a proven method.

However, Nvidia and Intel are touchier from what I have heard, and it is likely best to reboot into safe mode when DDU prompts you. Once rebooted, run DDU with the “Clean and Restart” option.

Now, with the drivers uninstalled install the drivers you downloaded beforehand, and restart your system again. If everything went well, your driver related graphics issues will likely be gone. If issues persist, it’s likely not the graphics drivers, though this can only benefit your system anyways.

Feel free to ask for clarification if you need help.


Thanks for posting this!

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Thank you for posting this I will try this a little later and post if this fixed it for me. Again thanks for the time you have taken to at least give me something I can try.

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You’re welcome. Hope it helps you out.