On Level Chest loot

I don’t know for sure if this event addresses it, but I really hope that chests drop on level loot exclusively. If we’re going to be seeing better loot drops from chests, then they should at least be on level. The amount of times I’ve found purples and legendaries in chests on max level m4 that are level 49 is a bit ridiculous. So if there’s going to be an even centered around looting chests, we should be able to have drops on level. Does anyone else have this problem with higher rarity gear in chests?


I’ve Already Seen Level 49 Legendaries In Their “Boosted” Red Chests.

I get lvl 49 sometimes yeah but I don’t feel like it’s a huge deal. Even less of a deal with tons of legendary being thrown out of chests during this event.


I agree wholeheartedly! It sucks to find an awesome weapon with that ideal anointment and then you see it’s level 49 and you’re heartbroken lol


Mega-frustrating to find a 49 with the perfect anointment though

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Just don’t see it as any different then finding a bad gun with a good anoint or a good gun with a bad anoint or the wrong element etc. Actually it’s better because it’s still quite usable lvl 49 is only slightly worse then 50.


If you’re playing co-op with someone at the time and you leave it in the chest and pop back to Sanctuary, sometimes it will bump the level up to 50. And for whatever reason, sometimes it’ll duplicate the items, too. Assuming you haven’t somehow broken your Lost Loot machine, that is.

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But there’s still the what if factor. Picked up a 49 infinity with 1% damage increase on consecutive hits.

Still works, just, you know, could be just that little bit better…

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Did not know that. Good tip

It’s kind of a gamble. I’ve also had the level of the loot kicked down to 1 or to the level of the person whose game I’m in. I’m not sure what causes any of it, or if there even is a cause beyond the capricious whims of fortune.

Coopetition or cooperation mode? I’m assuming the level scaling algorithm might occasional b0rk on something.

The Lost Loot machine allegedly doesn’t even function in coopetition mode.

Actually you’re right, it doesn’t. So you’d be in cooperation mode which has the loot scaling in place. Maybe it does the calculations internally using floating point, but something rounds differently between seeing loot on the ground and recovering it via Lost Loot because the coop scaling no longer applies?

Not much difference between 49 and 50. However, if you have all gold medals you don’t want a silver.

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True! This was a bug that seamed yo be fixed. Items below player’s level should not appear, especially in higher difficulty!

Anyway the event is a total bust. Is more frustrating than enjoyable as 99% I’d the time are the same useless common world drop legendary. This is not an event but a simulacrum of one. A total lack of imagination!

During a normal and initial playthrough, I am at level 29. In cooperation mode, reentering a previously entered area, level on pickups remains where it was when first entered? In one case level 22 loot is the only thing present. Why? A new, previously unknown mission puts me back in the area. Loot should be leveled up. I know this was the general game mechanic in prior Borderlands, but with the additional cooperation mode it seems leveling should be occurring to a player’s level.

It’s really not that big of a deal honestly, but it does seem like a pretty simple problem that shouldn’t be persisting this long into the games life cycle. And like some people have said, when it’s the right parts, element(s) or anointment they’re looking for to complete a build it kinda sucks when it’s under leveled. So if gearbox doesn’t know it’s a problem, this is at least one way to make it known.

They also could have done nothing. Would that be better?

Even then it isn’t a “problem” it has just always been part of the game design to have a chance for gear to drop at a lower or higher level. A little annoying sure but everything is working as intended, getting that perfect roll isn’t meant to be easy

If every single item found at level 50 was an on level legendary, it still wouldn’t be easy to get the perfect roll.