On mayhem 10, who is the best character that can make all guns work decently well?

I like using guns that aren’t the most popular, and I like vanilla guns such as the shreddifier, ogre, dahl assault rifles, whatever isn’t that meta, dowsing rod regular mode. Which character should i play to get the most of guns of this caliber? I only have a lvl 60 Moze, but I feel she only does well if the weapon itself has high damage already.



Probably FL4K or Zane because they get very nice bonuses (Fl4k gets mostly gun dmg/crit damge, while Zane gets mostly accuracy/fire rate). They can instantly make most guns feel like they perform better.

Moze is geared for infinite ammo and/or splash damage. So if you are using weak weapons, you’ll definitely feel it more with here. And Amara…hell, she’s just a monster with or without any weapon.

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100% Amara. Right now, and probably for the rest if the games life cycle, she can make any gun clear rooms pretty easily and get healed doing it. Plus, shes got absurd multipliers on her damage which make her the best bossing character too.

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Yep, Amara.

Fl4k is good with high pellet Jacobs for the crit damage and Zane is best with high fire rate weapons to keep his skills active … and high damage weapons with the clone.

Amara just melts in general.

I feel like, at this point, all characters can make any weapon work…it all depends on the anointment…I personally use:

STNL Cryo for Zane
150/50 URad for Moze
300/90 for single shot for Amara (Melee/Sniper)
ASE’s (Nade/Shield/Wpn) for Fl4k

Get these in the right build and live your best life :ok_hand:

For Moze it kinda depends. The 150/50 is only good with 1hp builds. I prefer the next 2 mags on high mag weapons since she can keep that going indefinitely or the bonus incendiary while auto bear active for Rocketeer builds. Only problem with those is you loose the anoint the second you swap weapons.

True…I can only speak for me…I like the risk vs reward for 1 HP


Iron Bear.

Just kidding.


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This is the way, but it depends on OP’s definition of…

“Well” for some people ranges from, “I can complete a new story campaign with a new character with some challenge” to “Certified boss one-shotter”.

Three out of the four weapons mentioned are Vladof, with deep enough magazines that a thick Bottomless Mags build will let them sustain fire for a long time. As I type this, I’m actually in combat with a Moze built like this with a Dowsing Rod equipped, using the regular fire mode (and a pleb “Tactician” COM for funsies).

What’s Vladof’s tag line? “You don’t need to be a better shot, you just need to shoot more bullets!”. It works - I don’t care if the Shredifier is weak and it takes a hundred rounds to kill something; the enemy still dies as fast as I like, I’m not reloading nor touching my ammo pool, and I love sustained, high-fire on an enemy. Like if they die too fast, I don’t get the same satisfaction. Want more damage? Add a Pearl - you’ll get to max damage stacks in a fraction of a second.

Seriously though, it depends on what you want out of the game.

  1. Digi Clone

  2. Amara ties that bind

  3. Fl4k fade away

Yeah, I realized I could make a red-green-tree build work without bloodletter and replaced it with green monster, run 150/50 anoints or 125-100 anoints with random legendary guns (using 150/50 bitch) as long as it’s full auto with a large mag as my pearl or green monster don’t have good passives or skill allocation. Now I can kill badasses and mobs through campaign, and kill a boss within a minute or two, not really a one shot(anointed are an exception gotta get in IB, they’re even harder than the bosses IMO). Probably need a lightshow/flipper to tackle takedown, but at least I can go through normal content now.

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You can do interesting things with Fl4k they have a lot of options for damage which work in an understandable way.
I would not recommend Amara if you want to understand what you are doing, insane damage is essentially due to strange behavior “working as intended” meaning Tie that Bind spam and multiple elemental projectile glitch on ricochet, things that GB is incapable to fix.

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I’m with you! I’m currently enjoying M10 with a Bloodletter blue/green build with the Pearl. My Bloodletter rolled +AR damage, +SMG damage, +Dahl Critical… so I knew right away I had to make a Dahl build, especially since they’re my favorite brand.

Using the SoulRender with her blue tree splash skills works incredibly well - the skulls that SoulRender shoots out do crazy damage. A bunch of the other Dahl ARs may not kill the fastest, but they’re totally usable as long as you match elements with your enemies, and they’re just FUN.

It’s horribly underpowered, but my next goal is to try and farm up a Hellfire SMG with a good anointment and see if I can make it work!

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A hellfire is amazing against health enemies. I have 2 as moze 1 a 125 N2M fire and another 100 N2M corrosive. As long as enemies aren’t immune to fire (dazed and infused) I can melt health bars and have fun melting armor on badasses. Just make sure you match elements.

YES! Good to hear. Hellfire was my favorite weapon in BL2, and I know the damage still looks really love on the weapon card, even at M10. I figured though that with Moze and splash damage with a good anointment, it might be usable.

IIRC it does aboht 2000-2500 physical and 11000-12000 elemental on m10 on card.
Wouldn’t say it is quite at the bl2 level but usable.

Nice. I’ll hopefully have some playtime after work today… I’d love to spend some time farming it up and testing it. My guess is the base damage could probably be average 4000 and it would still be fine?

Remember to use fire to kill the mini boss. Good luck

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