On PC why does the loot fall through the floor after killing BNKR?

I don’t understand why the BNKRs loot falls through the floor. Some of it ends up in front of the door where you take the elevator to Angel. Is there a graphics setting that will fix this?

It does that on mine all the time. I think it’sa a Physix setting. Strangely enough, I was having problems connecting to a buddy of mine, so I deleted all local content and reinstalled. Everything worked perfectly, nothing through the floor at all!! For about 2 weeks. Then everything back to normal.

But you have to check downstairs for loot. Don’t assume the good stuff stays upstairs. I have had 2 legendaries fall to the stairs before Angels room.

Loot falling through the floor isn’t just a PC problem. It happens on all platforms.

I tried setting Physx to LOW but it didn’t seem to help. I guess I don’t mind having to check below for loot but I just don’t know if I’m wasting my time farming for the Sham/Bitch if it’s somehow getting “lost” in the floor. I’ve even found some loot stuck in the ceiling down below which I had to grenade jump to get lol

A tip: the Sham/Bitch/Customization head will always land near or in the ammo pile at the center of the loot drops.

Oh, crap. It never occured to look in the ceiling. I do have it drop through the first layer of the floor and stick in the second, so all I see is the color bar sticking up. Like when it drops between the plates into the groove.