On the Fence: Pros and Cons

Right off the bat, I am a huuuuuuge Borderlands fan. Started playing BL1 in college, got BL2 on launch night and played it for an entire day straight with my friends, and still play it to this day on my rusty old 360. Now there’s a shiny new BL on the horizon and I’m trying to decide if I should get it.

Now I already have BL2, BL: TPS, season passes for both, Krieg and Gaige, and all the headhunter packs for BL2. I’ve played most of that content, but not all (there is just too much to handle!). BL2 is in my top 5 all-time favorite games, so playing it again on my PS4 in 1080p and 60 FPS sounds awesome! But is it worth it? I’m gonna make a pros and cons list, and I want as much feedback as possible. I’m hoping as a community we can come up with a great guide for other people on the fence.

1080p resolution and 60 FPS; see Borderlands like never before!
Every single piece of DLC (does this include the paid heads and skins?)
FoV slider? (need confirmation)
4-player splitscreen (could be good or bad)

No new content
No cross-platform saves (i.e. my 360 to my PS4)
Start from scratch (could also be a good thing, if you like grinding)
No new features

Can I just add one thing? You know what would have made this a definite buy for me? 12 playable characters across both games. Yes it’s lore-breaking, yes it’s unbalanced, and yes it would be tough to pull off, but that one feature would have made me skip work to pick it up at midnight tonight. I would have loooooooved to play as Jack through both games…

As long as we’re being wishful thinkers, toss in Brick, Lilith, Mordecai, and Roland, bringing the count to 16. But that’s just a fantasy for me :disappointed:


Yeah that’s a fantasy, TPS toons base around lasers.

[quote=“PLAYERJLC, post:2, topic:144669, full:true”]
Yeah that’s a fantasy, TPS toons base around lasers.
[/quote]Well both games are built on the same engine. It’s doable, I’m sure, but would take some clever thinking and alot of work.

I also thought of this recently. That would have been an insta-buy for most borderlands fans.

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They work well with lasers but they certainly don’t require them in order to do well.

@Matrixneo42 What’s the best Laser is BL2?
@Op Not being a smart ass I’m just saying, no way could they bring them over. Oz kits, laser, it would be cool but like you said and I said its a fantasy.

[quote=“PLAYERJLC, post:6, topic:144669”]
no way could they bring them over.
[/quote]There is always a way. What you meant is there is no easy way to bring them over.

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It would be super easy for the pre sequel.
Spoiler, slightly.

Tiny Tina would say now put the real vault hunters into your story, and Brick would be like “Yeah!!”

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Well gaige could be so little of her in borderlands two cinematic wise thus far and in the sequal hell they let that woman speak even if you don’t play as her so it’s already kinda tossed out. No reason not to let us really.

Coming from a person who doesn’t value graphics as much as game play I can tell you that the upscaling and 60 fps update is a very noticeable improvement and quite frankly justifies buying the game. I really enjoy the improvement. There are a lot of people that say 720p to 1080p is not noticeable and that the eye theoretically can only process 30 fps but I’ll tell you what there is a significant difference with 1080p and the 60fps.

If you haven’t BL’d yourself to death over the past 6 months then I would definitely pick it up. If however you are burned out on the last gen consoles then it is probably not worth it.

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You’ll be lucky if you see 30 frames let alone 60!