On the hunt for some items

I’m on the hunt for:
n2m/urad/consecutive hits/asa 200 clairvoyance
n2m/urad/consecutive hits/asa 200 skullmasher
n2m/urad/consecutive hits/asa 200 boom sickles
N2m/Urad/consecutive hits/plasma coil
Stinger shield with melee on ase.
Stinger shield with a.s.s annoint.
Brawler ward with 300 melee with melee on ase
Brawler ward with 300 melee with a.s.s annoint
Knife drain static charge artifact with melee, splash dmg, splash radius, aoe, action skill cool down, or action skill dmg rolls.
Psycho stabber with urad annoint.
Psycho stabber with cryo while terrified annoint.
Level 57 fish slap with annoints other than while asa.
Hellwalker with crit while terrified annoint.
I have a bunch of great gear to offer on trade.
Gt is Ye olde wolf

Glad to help.
I can hook you up on the
Stinger shield with a.s.s annoint.
Knife drain static charge artifact with melee, splash dmg, splash radius, aoe, action skill cool
Level 57 fish slap with annoints with an ASE
Rad redistributer with sntl cryo.

Maybe send a mix of 4 good Artficacts and/or Class mods

Thanks Tom dot66

Right on bud. I’ve got some good mix of artifacts. Any class mods you are specifically looking for. I’ve got some good blast master’s, mind sweeper’s, perigrine, red fang, bounty hunters and cosmic stalkers. I’ve also got some great muse coms and a sprirtual driver.

Great. Please send me a blast master, perigrine, bounty hunter, and a muse com. Items sent. I included a few extra that are close to other items you are looking for (and pretty good items in themselves) and maybe will help until you get the exact item you are looking for. Enjoy the gaming. Tom

What are the stats on the fl4k class mods? I have a terror crit hellwalker to trade if you’re interested.

I’ve got a bunch. I will check and let you know later on tonight. Which are you interested in

Mostly the peregrine , cosmic stalker and red fang

I will get the stats on the coms for you hopefully tonight if your still interested


Great. thanks. I am only looking forward to the blast master & bounty hunter at this point. If you need to meet me in Sanctuary to use the vault, let me know. I tend to you a ASE Stop Gap with my melee build on Amara. The synergy of 5 seconds of immunity, when you are surrounded by enemies, and knife drain healing, works out great. Would that Stog gap help you?

I’ve got a few of the stop gaps but thank you. I will try to get those to you after work tonight

i don’t have the brawler wards or Psycho stabbers, but let me know if you need or want anything else. Have fun gaming. :slight_smile:

No prob bud. I will be sending some goodies your way when I get on this evening

I sent you one of my more favorite Flippers and then terror gear I was going to sell. Hope any of it helps. Your class mods are great. thanks Tom

Holy cr4p Batman!!! Bang, Pop, Pow. Thank you so much for the Class Mods. I’ll owe you for the next lifetime of trades. Let me know if you need anything in the future. Tom

No prob bud. I have a few more bounty hunters to send ya. Any chance you have consecutive hits, 100 ase, u rad or ase element skullmasher, clairvoyance or boom sickle



Happen to have a lvl 65 M10 Boogeyman Corrosive?

No corrosive boogeyman yet. I had one in my backpack today but I was not paying attention and died by the murdercane.