On the hunt for some items

That is correct sir

Thx for the pearl, sent ya a stinger

Yo Skavenger, one of my friends got on last night and we managed to sort most of this out. I’ve sent you the Boom Sickle, Skullmasher and Clairvoyance, and I also found a 300 melee damage Brawler Ward with 50% corrosive on ASE, which I sent you as well. Annoyingly the fish slaps didn’t work properly. If you still want them you can join me at some point, or if you have friends on I’ll just send them over and you can send them back to me when you’re done. Let me know what you want to do, thanks dude.

@edtelfer101 Sounds good man, thank you. I will send some goodies your way. I don’t have the exact victory rush your after but i will send what I have. Although I think I have a lvl 57 ice breaker victory rush with aoe dmg. And no rush on the fishslap. If we are on at the same time I can send ya a invite at some point

Ok thanks dude, all good.

Sent a few things your way bud

Yep, got them mate, thank you.

Which artifacts did I send you. I could have sworn I sent a elemental projector and a IB victory rush but when I went back into my backpack I still had copies of both of them.

@McMerlino I have an it’s piss with melee terror anointment, looking for a stinger shield with ASS on it if you have any of those