On the M10 Scaling of the Redistributor

I’ve seen several people say that the Redistributor isn’t very good on M10.

I just ran through the Slaughter Shaft with Rogue Light using a Redistributor I would rate a solid 4 or 5 out of 10 (~1500 base damage, incendiary with the 50% ASE corrosive anoint).

To these people I would just say:

Please send me your Redistributors so that I may dispose of them properly. If you see any high damage Cryo ones with the 150% radiation anoint definitely drop those immediately in your mailbox. I wouldn’t want to trouble you with them.


Indeed, I use my pre M2.0 Rad Sntnl Cryo with base dmg of 638 and mag of 27 in mayhem10. I have not bothered to go and try to get another due to messed up mayhem and the messed up MTD droprates.

Same if anyone on PSN has a M10 Rad Cryo Redist they can spare I’ll happily give it a home.

I use the old 57 redis on m10 before i got a m10 version.

@Prowler690 accept me i will give you rad redis sntl

Done , sorry for delay I was farming Katagowa Jr, damn spider monkey. :wink:

Got it thanks nat, If I do find what you are after I’ll send it along.

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imo it was never intended as a high damage weapon - more of a mob softener :yum:

Well going from 638 base dmg to 1744 base dmg makes it very useful to me as skill maintainer and mob clearance weapon.

It definitely is still very good as long as multiple enemies are present. Even anointed enemies went down pretty fast. It’s not “pull the trigger and the room explodes” like it used to be, but it’s still the best option for clearing groups as Zane I think (maybe aside from some launchers like the YC, Plaguebearer or an M10 Backburner). (And of course it procs Seein’ Dead like nothing else)

I did need to add extra elements to it though. In addition to the corrosive anoint I was running Doppelbanger with a 50% shock and 50% radiation shield and grenade.

Against single enemies it was no good. Even small guys like standard Zealots I had to switch to a single target weapon.


Like others I use an M0 rad-cryo SNTL Redistributor and it still handles mobs at least as well as any other weapon even in M10. At M10 my version struggles with badasses, heavyweights, and anointed in a way it did not used to. My usual mobbing remains kills trash with Redistributor swap to Kaoson to clean up the big guys.

It’s still good. It’s definitely weaker than it used to be. I would say now sntl cryo is necessary. Where as before, it really wasn’t.


It sucks with all anoints but cryo sntnl and rad150.

Its best with rad 150 and xlone bang.

But so is every crappy gun in the game. Its NOT. worth the trouble.

Use a plaguebearer now and feel disgusting afterwards like when i ate a whole cheesecake.

Was continuing to use a level 53 on my Zane cryo build and it was working fine on M6 when M2.0 launched. I finally upgraded to an M10 version and it’s great for mobbing but it’s super great for keeping your action skills up. Even when i was using Kaoson for damage I would sometimes switch to the Redistributor to charge my action skills back up.

Open up on a mob of Scraptraps and tell me it’s not still an awesome gun. They’re like popcorn. Also, when they do eventually update the game isn’t M10 health and shields going down from 12000%? Should be even better then.