On Trinkets and work to be done

Weapon trinkets are a new thing in BL3, of course, and might have been somewhat fun additions to the game.

The implementation, though, leaves some things lacking.
First, gosh are they tiny, hard to see. Making them some 25% larger would be nice.
Second, adding them is really cumbersome. Would of course make more sense in the weapon detail page (like changing a gun skin) would make sense, and where I looked when I first tried to add one. Of course that leads to the real actual big issue…
Third, these are not apparently weapon trinkets, they are weapon slot trinkets. Trinkets are assigned to a slot, not a weapon, so any gun put in a particular slot inherits the trinket.
Which defeats the purpose of trinketing a gun to make it particularly personalized for you. Adding a “Buckle up” Atlas trinket to a Q System in slot one, then changing slot one to a Maliwan SMG and having it inherit the Atlas trinket is not the point.
I first thought Oh, they didn’t come up with a way to add a trinket to a weapon record, maybe it was too hard for them. Then I thought more about this, and duh if you have spaces in a gun record to store which skin you want on the gun, then obviously you can add a single byte field to represent the trinket in use.

While trinkets aren’t game breakers like other bugs that need to be addressed, more work needs to be done on them or just forget them.
First and foremost, make trinkets gun trinkets, not slot trinkets.

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It has been suggested that moving anointments from weapons onto trinkets would ease the rng issues that folks have issue with, so having them assigned to a slot rather than a weapon would facilitate that idea.

I’ve also gotta ask are you gonna be cranky when you sell the weapon and forget to take the trinket off of it? I can see that happening to some folks.

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I agree that if trinkets were used for that purpose you’d be correct.

Of course, in my mind anointments apply to the player not to the weapon (they’re merely transmitted by the weapon/gear) my ideal solution would be to have an anointment list per character, think a 3-4 slot list in the Skills page that you could apply the anointments you’ve collected as needed. Kinda like artifacts in BL1.

So perhaps you acquire an anointment through picking up a trinket (or something), but then that anoint goes into your available list independent of the trinket itself.

Obviously significant coding would have to take place for this, and probably not going to happen in the BL3 lifecycle.

Yyy no, If I want to use the same trinket in every slot I don’t want to change it every time I change my weapon.

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With the frequency that I change weapons (even in endgame), I’m glad they apply to slots rather than weapons.


Tbh until trinkets have a damage use in the game rather than a puely ornamental use, I don’t really have an opinion on them. Don’t help me kill things any quicker…

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