On your own. Modding like it used to be

As the topic says. Everyone is on their own. No more support from the devs. It’s been months since any real news. So, the alternative is to “make it as you want it”. If you don’t know something then figure it out or get together and tackle the problems… you know… like we used to do with HW… HW2… Same scenario, different day. Let the games begin! …unless the devs want to rebuke my comment… I doubt it though…


That’s the spirit. Also I half expected this to be a Firefly mod thread.


But why did it end so abruptly?
@BitVenom and some others were very active on these forums. He announced some things that never got released or dealt with.
I can’t believe that he did not have the time to check once since July 18…

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That’s where I come from, that’s the modding as I know it. Nothing changes to me in the slightest, my project is still very much alive and will be for a long time to come.


@BitVenom, I will sacrifice a goat on the sacred Guide Stone, if you’ll honor us with your presence and reveal yourself! He Whose Hand Shapes What Is (or the “dev” for short), I summon thee!


I have faith that at least the community manager wants to help the community!

Perhaps we could start sending him nerf armaments to use on the Devs? :smiley:


It’s not quite that bad surely? Last time there were only half baked tools. Now we have some decent dev tools (HODOR) and some robust community tools like the blender dae exporter and daenerys.

Or maybe it’s just that I’ve changed - last time I was only a half baked fool, now I’m a more robust fool…


DAEnerys is robust? :joy:

But I’m very thankful for all the modding support that Gearbox gave/gives us. It’s so much more than most developers do.
I mean, they even changed many parts of the engine to make it easier for us!

And most importantly they did a great job remastering the games and also published a new “Homeworld” game. I wonder what could have happened if the license got to the wrong guys.