Once I finish the main story, do all planets scale to my level?

This is my first time through the game, and I’ve noticed that my XP for a lot of areas has dwindled, and I have all these side quests that are lower than my level. If I go through the story, can I just come back to all these places and explore more, finish side quests, etc?

I had read somewhere that side quests will scale with me after the story, but I wasn’t sure if this meant all area enemies do this as well.

I can’t remember. If you enable Mayhem, even Mayhem level 1, it will scale. Or if you go TVHM mode.

Yeah you can do these later and fight the enemies at max level. It’s probably better approach so you get loot at max level

Normally when I play games I do side quests, but I was kind of cruising along, enjoying the main story, and now I’m getting close to the end. All these quests are sitting there, so I think I’ll just come back to them later. I remember always trying to find loot at a certain level in B2…so this would definitely help, like you say.

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Yes, when you finish the main story you can make everything scale to your level.

At the very end of the main story you’ll get introduced to mayhem mode, and iirc you will automatically end up on M1. Having mayhem mode active will make everything scale to your level. If you want to go back to unscaled levels (the way you have it now) you can do that too by disabling mayhem mode altogether.

This is for normal mode - I don’t know how tvhm behaves because I have never played that without at least M1.