One arm bandits

Passed through the fridge twice, and he spawned both times in almost the exact same spot. Thought it was weird.

First time

Second time

Isn’t he the one who drops the “Message to Self Person” echo for the mission you can pick up once you’ve completed “Cold Shoulder”? He’s pretty much a fixture in that location, anyway.

IIRC that’s a normal Goliath- not sure about the one armed ones…

The first time I passed through was during the story (first pic you can see Bright Lights Flying City mission), so there weren’t any active sidequests. The second time I did have Cold Shoulder active. I thought it was strange though because all the enemies are rats, rakks, and crystalisks, not bandits or goliaths. Not even joking, I actually went through a third time and he spawned again. Weird.

Must just have a high chance of spawning in that location then - I’ve seen him many times there.