One character just won't transfer over

Hi I’m having an issue when I’m trying to transfer my Athena over, she’s the only one with UVHM and every time I try uploading her it tells me that the upload failed and try checking my network connection. All my other characters transferred over nicely, so it’s surprising I’m having this issue.

Anyone know a fix to this?

I had this same issue and so have some others. Devs are aware and working on it but you should definitely put in a support ticket here:

Hope it gets fixed soon.

Wow that really sucks.

Sorry never had much luck with sending in ticket’s, so not doing that tbh, I’m currently playing with a friend with a new Athena atm and will gear her up again when she hits lvl 70.

At least all my other characters transferred over from both BL2/BLTPS. Just not Athena.