One feature I'd like to see in future builds

So, a bit of background, I come from playing Overwatch. My peak SR was in diamond and I’ve spent a lot of time playing in scrimmage teams. Outside of that, I tend to like RPGs, strategy games, the occasional FPS (borderlands is easily one of my favorite game series) and similar.

One thing a lot of these games have in common is the ability to counter-play.

In Overwatch, you go into the first engagement not knowing exactly what to expect, but after that you have the ability to switch up team composition to counter what your opponent has, and the opposing team has the same ability. In RPGs, different skills counter different enemies. Borderlands obviously has the element system that allows you to use different elemental weapons to counter different health and enemy types.

P1v1 is entirely lacking in the ability to change your loadout to counter enemy loadout at the moment. Counter-play is one of my favorite strategic elements in games, so it’s something that I definitely notice is missing.

What I’d like to recommend is similar to the card game mechanics Doc recommended in another thread. You have a deck of abilities you draw a hand from at the start of the map. Once you use all of an ability’s charges, you “discard” that ability and draw a new one randomly from the deck. Aside from giving the opportunity to draw for counter-play by replacing cards mid-match, I feel like this would also encourage people to find creative uses for abilities that they normally wouldn’t use if they draw it at the start or middle of a match, and add some element of strategy about when to hold and when to burn abilities.