One For Each of Ya Crit Bonus while ADS

I finally got enough skill points to get One for Each of Ya, so I went to the target range in the Claptrap DLC. There, I used a blue Jakobs pistol and got two crits on the health dummy: one while ADSing, and one while firing from the hip. The damage from both was identical, so it doesn’t matter if you are ADSing or not; Jakobs pistols will get the full benefit of the double crit bonus when using One for Each of Ya.

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Isn’t Nisha broken enough yet?
Well, this is fun with Tombstone…

Nice!!! I Love my scooter voice “BROKE AS HELL!!” vault hunter each and every day

Wait, One For each of Ya gives a crit bonus? I thought the only advantage from it was reducing reloads since she only fires one gun per trigger pull.

As I understand it, Jakobs pistols have an inherent Crit bonus that is higher or better than most other pistols. With One for Each of Ya, using two Jakobs pistols gives you that bonus twice.


Just have a look at my crit guide for the details.
OFEOY lets you apply the crit bonus twice.

OFOY gives the crit bonus from a pistol twice. EG, a Jakobs pistol usually gives 25% Type B, Two Jakobs will give 50% Type B. A Jakobs with Hyperion barrel gives 25%B and 8%A, Two will give 50%B and 16%A, The lady fist gives 800%A, Two lady fists gives pretty much the same because at that point it’s all Overkill anyway.

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Hyperion barrel gives type B too.

There ate only 2 ways in TPS to have a type B bonus outside of Jakobs guns:

1: pistols with the Hyperion barrel
2: Gwen’s other head

Here’s a tangentially related question: how does the damage output of a Longarm (Jakobs pistol with a Hyperion barrel) compare to, say, an Iron (Jakobs pistol with a Jakobs barrel)? According to BL2’s Gearcalc, the Iron ends up with a lot higher damage, so I doubt that the Longarm’s increased crit damage will make up the difference, but things may have changed in TPS.

They have not. The Iron is the superior gun.

Even with OFEOY?


According to Gearcalc, the Iron has roughly 4000 more damage than the Longarm. The damage numbers in TPS aren’t as high, but the idea remains the same: a measly 8-16% crit damage bonus isn’t going to make up for the sheer damage output of an Iron. Especially since crit damage is based on base damage; the Iron may have a slightly lower crit damage modifier, but it’s higher base damage more than makes up for it.

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