One for each of ya with glitched pistols?

Hi guys. I 'm going to start the DLC with NIsha and kinda wondered what would happen with the glitched pistols.
If I reload one and it gets a buff, will the other gun share it? If I reload one gun after a glitch will the other gun lose it?

Also, is the Pepperbox legit? Are there any videos of it actually dropping? Because I admit I’m more hyped about it than the Luck Cannon. Well, not really, since my Athena scored a Luck Cannon (mag accessory, Maliwan grip, but still) from Eclipse, but I’d definitely be interested in finding the pepperbox. I didn’t know it was a thing.
Are there any other common weapons that can spawn now that could not in BL2?

Pepperboxes are a thing now, but only as a glitched pistol.

Though, I’m curious aswell how glitched pistols react to OFEOY.

Yes. And glitch effect buffs can be gained and lost only by main hand reloads.

Yes. Exception: if offhand reloads by itself then you can keep it until main hand reloads.

That’s is a whole different field of study. I experimented it once to find a legit way to abuse the glitch effects through OFEOY. All I could find is, when the main hand weapon magazine stays at “0” and somehow do not reload. The offhand gun can keep the glitch effect until deliberately reloading and filling the main hand gun magazine.


Just curious. What benefit is there to having a pepperbox over a Two-fer iron other than the possibility of having another accessory ?

I have compared both, and immediately sold the iron to the vendor. Similar DPS’s. Pepperbox has a bit lower accuracy, but very small accuracy loss on shot. It is very stabil for repetitive shots compared to Iron.

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soooo u saying dastardly (or some other relevant prefix) pepperbox > two fer iron?

Yes. Twofer pepperbox has worse accuracy and twice ammo consumption for only %50 damage increase

Makes sense, since you have the vladof barrel instead of the jakobs.
How about Dastardly Pepperbox vs Maggie? or even the Luck Cannon.

I’m gonna say no for luck cannon like not even. I doubt Maggie for nisha cuz more projectiles seems like the deal cuz tombstone.


Luck Canon and Maggie are both out of the reach of pepperbox when it comes to potential. The only thing it might take the place of is the Iron.

I agree though, two-fer pepperbox is just silly

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