One hit FFYL Compendium against 1 hp

It’s well-known that with 1 hp builds you lose healthgate but is it really that bad after all the survivability and perks we got for reviving and FFYL?

So I’d been running meta Moze with 59K hp and 14K to 20K shield (cant remember the numbers). In M10 Maliwan TTF there’s an enemy (one of the hounds) that when it attacks it consumes all my shield and my hp down to 1K. That’s an insane damage. Immediately I go to FFYL with some random bullets. I recorded it so I can analyze how things happened.

Now with my other Moze (uRad, 1hp) build. I am bitten by the same hound. Now I go to FFYL immediately. No healthgate of course. In my opinion I don’t think I am any worst than the meta Moze.

At the back of my mind, why bother with healthgate? Do you guys have a list thag puts you into FFYL immediately for 1 hp builds?

At the current state of things, does healthgate still matter?

My Moze kills herself more than any enemy does. Self damage ignores health gate and with M10 damage it’s generally a one shot deal.

I’ve given up on survivability. My guardian perks are all activated and I run with the double downer shield giving me bonus time and damage in FFYL.

Face tanking with a Nukem is great fun.


I’m using a Transformer and splash shock guns. Moze charge her shield all the time.

Moze is always looking for adds to shoot.

Yes and No…Getting one shotted by badass launchers and Wotan missiles still suck…And at the current moment, some enemies are still doing M10 damage…

But if you have mobility (speed demon, snowdrift, etc) and know how to move around, it doesn’t matter that much…its kinda like playing old school arena shooters…very little room for error


I’ve been running a hybrid 1hp build Moze for sometime on M10 with a + 400 guardian rank,I use a transformer when in situations when enemy’s shoot and a recharger with beast areas,cmt ogt and a bloodletter that compliments my weapons mostly Smg’s but I do use some Ar’s and Launchers and taking full advantage of Urad and a Atom balm deathless that has smg dmg,aoe and shield recharge rate that also compliments the Urad and both are level 57 As far as skill trees blue and green cap stones and red down to experimental munitions and don’t double up on her added incendiary in her trees only enough to go down the trees and only 1 or 2 pts in Torgue cross promotion as too much offense or defense or splash radius is where things can go wrong and effect your survivabily by downing yourself and finding balance within your build and gear is key,when I do go down it’s right back up and rarely respawn most times on the last enemy by self downing and nothing to kill to get back up, as far as I.B. he is still pretty op when called upon and 1shots most garbage mobs,My setup can do 99% of the hardest content at level 65 by melting health bars and to kill them before they kill you and I feel only just falls short in GTD

If that’s just the main reason, I think I can live with that. I’m used to having sucking moments of varyling levels in BL3. I thought there were other technical reasons.

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We have similar setup with my uRad Moze (my 2nd Moze) except I use Plus Ultra instead of Recharger. I used to run Transformer 99% of my time on all my VHs. But now I am all the way with Plus Ultra because of IB and the buff in HP. I think my guardian rank is about 600+.

I agree IB is OP. I stopped playing for 3 months and back then IB was weak. He got buffed then got weaker again after some patches. I came back last weeo and to my surprise he melta everything.

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Self damage doesnt negate health gate- however your probably specced into Skag Den. That is two hits, the og splash and the Skag Den fire

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Self damage completely ignores healthgate.


What @Ratore said.

It’s been like that in all the bl games if I recall.

How do you get past that phase of Wotan (at the very end)? Run around wildly hoping for the best? Go down to FFYL and shoot the glass when it stop spamming mines? Or just rely on killing it before that even starts?

Cool, so the Plus Ultra works as intended? (just checking since buggy gear isn’t uncommon, and testing isn’t always easy)

Please make DLC quest rewards drops, Gearbox.

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For now I think so.

Iron Bear :joy: Corrosive railgun make Tan-boi go boom…

Personally I stay as Moze during first half for mobility

Assuming M10 capable build, I’ve killed Wotan on his last phase with ANY of these:

  • Minigun
  • Sabot/Railgun combo
  • plain on foot shooting with a gun like Cutsman or one of those Vladof guns (back when the cap was 57) or Flipper (current)
  • kill while in FFYL mode. You got plenty of time

For the wotan fight you can always slap on a Rocketeer and let auto bear do most of the work for you.

Hammerdown protocol is another good option. Clears out the adds and still does good damage vs wotan himself. He just has issues hitting the better half when it’s flying around.

Health gate is only necessary if you’re trying to solo true Takedowns… And even then it’s not totally necessary. All my builds fur any character use a deathless artifact, if not Moze.

Ffyl is plenty strong enough to make health gate unnecessary. Having 1hp builds allows me to use the best anointment in the game… The 150/50 urad is 100% active when using these builds.

It really depends on your build. My CH Moze does better than my uRad Moze. To be clear my uRad Moze can easily plow down M10 TTD but my CH can do it faster. But again that really depends on your entire setup and gear.

No matter how good uRad is but if you want BM com, then something in that build won’t work or it becomes less ideal.

Sure, when you do that kind of build with Moze… But urad is the best overall anointment across all characters. It makes sharing gear easy. And my bank is full of nothing but 150/50 urad anointed weapons.

When I play with Moze, I like to use IB as a failsafe. So it does depend on how you play.

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Can also use a front loader with the Pearl.