One Last Hurrah: The Final Year Of Light (A.K.A Finding Groups to play with)

Hey All,
In light of recent news, I want to give Battleborn the best sendoff it can get. As January 2021 approaches, the ticking bomb gets louder. I don’t know who’s all active still, but I want to set up Monthly Games where those who want to play can play, and where we can be the Last Light of Solus.

If anyone is interested, DM me. I will start a PS4 Group chat so we can coordinate without spamming a thread.
I play on PS4, but I want all platforms to be a place to Play.

If anyone is interested in Starting Group chats on there respective Platform, say so down below.
Anyone who plays on that platform can DM the Host to Join.

Best of luck to all of you, and have fun Shooting and Taunting Each other.


@HandsomeCam @Gulfwulf @FatalJustice555 @vegancookies5 @BaconianOne
If you guys are interested, do you all want to put down your users and platforms?

I’d be interested in playing the story missions again, but I no longer play PVP against other people. I’m on the PC if anybody is interested in a game.

I play pvp only. I play on both xbox and ps4. Gamertag on both is the same as my name here.

The name says it all: Vegan_Cookies5 on PS4