One of my top QOL suggestions

If this is in the game, I have entirely missed it. I would like to be able to save and quickly revert to specific loadouts and builds. I believe Division 2 had this. This would allow the player to change, on-the-fly, how they approach a specific situation, whether it is a boss battle, circle of slaughter or just running the campaign without re-specing manually.


Not in the game. There is no load out system in the BL series and BL3 has not added it.

Maybe in one of the DLC’s?

I wish I could swap grenades at least.

I agree. It’d be particularly useful for changing your loadout in response to Mayhem modifiers, especially when it affects action skill/gun damage.

Normally I don’t miss the load out option, but with how laggy BL3 is when I goto my menu’s it becomes a real pain just to switch weapons for whatever M3 modifiers you have.

What should take seconds ends up taking 30+ seconds just to change 1 gun.

True. Let’s hope that the 30 day patch fixes that.

I would not bet on that but it would be a great surprise. With everything that are
major issues atm, I think they have more pressing things to patch in.

Menu lag or additional loadouts? I was talking about menu lag.

I am sorry, I misunderstood you. Nope, menu lag need to be in the 30 day patch for sure!

I would LOVE to be able to swap between loadouts without needing to visit a new-u station