One of the 5 heroes being Nova?

I was looking at the silhouettes of the characters that will be released. I’ve seen stuff about the avian UPR character. We know that Alani is Eldrid. The far right looks super Jennerit, but the far left looks like a mech suit. “Robot suit. Robot suit. Kleese. Are you putting me in the robot suit?” I feel that it fits. Nova is probably the best character in game and would love to have more dialogue from her. I know that Nova technically is UPR, but if it is Kleese’s mech unit, it would make her LLC.

Oh and sorry if I got the quote wrong. Just how I remember it.


This has been suggested like a gazillion times now and Gearbox also acknowledged this and they think it might be a great idea! :wink:

As soon as I heard about the suit I said the same thing. I’d be surprised if she and rendain aren’t DLC characters to be

It appears that the maybe jennerit is more feminine than rendain so a lot of people think Lenore

The empress is dead…

Nope. She’s trapped in the void. Deande manages to go to her for a brief time and return (learned via deande lore)

What are you referring to?
“Rendain is gone-but so is our beloved Empress Lenore.”

I read Lenore’s note as before her death, and Deande’s encryption as a diary tribute.

Mission 8 ghalt says one Job: Kill lothar.

What I’m missing? How’d you connect the dots?

I’ll have to find it tonight. One of her lore challenges reveal that she visits Lenore in the void. Maybe I misinterpreted it, but I will find out for certain later


In the prologue, Deande accuses Rendain of killing the Empress. To which he says that she is mistaken. He is about to explain, then changes his mind.


"when we last spoke 2 years ago, when was able to briefly cross the veil and return to tell the tale…"
Definitely alive is Lenore

Cloak and dagger lore piece btw


Perhaps, but it seems like ‘the void’ is their version of an afterlife. If so, Lenore is dead.

Meh. Just my two cents, as they say.

I’m pretty sure the void is referring to wherever the Varelsi are pulling the stars to. It’s a definite place since spoilers for Void’s Edge you go to the void in the fight with The Conservator.

Even if she’s dead, she can just come back as a Space Vampire. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I could be wrong, but I think part of Deande’s lore mentions Lenore is dead? Course nothing is concrete and she could definitely be brought back if it’s true without a doubt. Space Vampire!

Spoilers for story and one of Rath’s lore

The way I understood it is that, Rendain put her through a Varelsi portal, the same way that you do at the end of the story.

In one of Rath’s lore, it states that Rath still obsesses over Rendain. It says something along the lines of sending him through the portal as being the ultimate form of banishment.

Now with the way I understand it, this would imply that Lenore is still alive. Along with the sun being sucked up, then spat back out weeks later.

This is going far off topic, but has anyone noticed that when Solus disappeared, what remained looked like a shard?

I bet Lenore comes back through the void w/ Rendain’s mechanical arm & some of his unique abilities. Only way that pic makes sense. That’s definitely his giant crazy arm or something like it, & they wouldn’t waste his cool skills, like the snake thing or the mini-dreadwinds.

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Ya I noticed that too. And Deande accusing him of killing her doesn’t really mean anything. She’s the current Spymaster. Being really good at lying and acting is kind of her main job requirement.

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I would love Lenore the be the Jennerit DLC char. But in a different than expected way. Like someone said, carrying Rendains gear and maybe affected by the Varelsi. A dark/crazy Lenore perhaps?


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The silhouette implied to me that Rendain’s “gear” was in fact some kind of regalia for the head of the Jennerit empire. So of course Lenore would have her own version.

when and IF Nova Comes i can see the disconnections in pvp :mask: too popular Nova be less bae.