One of the 5 heroes being Nova?

So Alani for Eldrid, Pendles is the Rogue. Assuming Lenore for Jennerit (going to the void to rescue her and maybe fight Rendain again could easily be a DLC story mission), and possibly Nova for LLC. Who might be the new character for UPR then? Any thoughts?

Duh it’s Chicken Grenadier. Chicken Grenadier will be our demoman and he will blow things up and he will be awesome.

Isn’t that already Benedict?

Not sure where you got that impression.

Grenade Chicken and Rocket Falcon are completely different characters.

Any resemblances are poultry at best, so there’s no need to cry fowl. If nothing else they can always wing it.


I don’t think this will happen. She narrates pvp so having her as a character would throw everyone off. It is a cool idea though

So does Mellka, Ghalt, Deande, and Kleese. Not to mention that you can save Caldarius with Caldarius.

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And kill Isic with…Isic😂

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All of your examples are in pve. In pvp, when hearing novas voice means either Thralls, a push, or your sentry is dying, having her as a character would throw many people off.

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I really don’t see how. Unless people don’t even listen to what the announcements are saying, and run back to sentry and thralls. Checking both to make sure they are fine. Do people not pay attention to what she says?

If they do pay attention to what she says, then having character lines shouldn’t throw people off.

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I love it, it’s terrible, but I love it.

+3[quote=“DiscipleofBob, post:24, topic:1461456”]
Grenade Chicken and Rocket Falcon are completely different characters.

Any resemblances are poultry at best, so there’s no need to cry fowl. If nothing else they can always wing it.

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Honestly, I expected both Nova and Rendain to make appearances as playable characters.

But judging by this Image:

I doubt they will be part of this 1st batch of characters.

But it could happen.

The current theory is that the figure on the far left is Nova’s robot suit and the figure on the far right is Empress Lenore sporting some similar regalia to Rendain.

I hope it’s Nova!

Nova is a Magnus, making her LLC… Who was under UPR contract… But yeah, Nova should be playable…

Well, during the Play with the Devs event, someone asked one of the developers (the lead developer, I think) whether Nova would be a playable character and his response was, “No comment”.

In developer-speak, “no comment” is generally synonymous with “yes, but marketing says I’m not allowed to talk about it”. Imo, the LLC character looks to be a robot suit of some kind with a head reminiscent of ISIC’s head-avatar projection area. I could easily see that being Nova.

As for her being LLC instead of Peacekeepers, I believe that, in the lore, all of the Magnus AIs are “owned” by (or, at least, created by and then generally forced to work for) the LLC, so it would make sense for her to be an LLC from that vantage point. Also, Nova asks Kleese whether she’ll be getting to go in the robot suit, not Ghalt; even if she doesn’t work for the LLC, they’re still the ones that have control of the robot suit.


I’m hoping instead of grenadier chicken its an explosives mole, capable of going underground, planting mines, etc

Look at the picture. She has a beak and feathers. They’re not going to completely change the character this late in development. She’s going to be an avian grenadier of some variety.

Oh, I don’t know about your “no comment” comment. “No comment” generally means “no comment” for any number of reasons. (I’ve found “no comment” just as often means, "no, it’s not in the game, but I don’t want to tell you that because I know you want it to be in the game, but I’m not allowed to talk about it anyway, so I will hide behind “no comment”).
I would love for Nova to be a character and really hope she is!, and a lot of the observations on that character on the left could very well fit (though my preference would be for her to be the character on the right, though I really do think that’ll be Empress Lenore), but I’m not sure she’ll be part of the 5 originally planned characters. Simply because I believe they had them planned out well before the game’s release, and didn’t realize how popular Nova would be with the players until after the game’s release.
Maybe I’m wrong though (hopefully!), and/or maybe they’ll have time to rework one of the characters they had originally been planning on into Nova instead, who knows.

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What if… the figure on the right… is Rendain… as a woman?
Mind blown

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A lot of people think it’s Lenore, the Empress using Rendain’s regalia. Deande lore makes mention of Deande talking to Lenore, and Rendain himself comments on how Deande is mistaken about Lenore being dead in the prologue mission.

There is a bit of talk about it in this thread.