One of you has got to go Challenge

I have been farming Foreman Jasper recently, with this loadout:

Dual Penetrating Harold
Moxxi Rubi
Peak Opener
Antagonist Shield
Legendary Mechromancer Class Mod
Magic Missile x4
Sheriff’s Badge Relic

The purpose of the challenge is to remove one item, but replacing it with something else not from the same product class, i.e., cannot substitute a normal Unkempt Harold for the DPUH. Figure out what item to strike that would make it most difficult to complete the challenge. The loadout has to be something you actually use in battle. The player is the one who picks a substitute item. During battle you are not allowed to change your actual loadout!

Give your loadout for bosses such as Terramorphous, Master Gee, Four Ancient Dragons, Haderax, etc. Many of you probably know I could not complete Haderax as Maya, with one key item missing/replaced.