One Person, One Post, One Vote

Greetings all,

I would like to make this one thread a place for each community member to be able to place all of his or her suggestions in one easy-to-find place.

We are drowning the devs in rebuttals, counter-rebuttals, etc., until original posts and ideas must be dug out of walls of text. I would not want to drink from that fire hose, and attempt to work on code as well. Developers should not have to be data archeologists. :smile:

This is my suggestion…

One Person, One Vote, One Post.

Make a SINGLE post, that each person edits as often as needed.

State WHAT you want changed/altered/tweaked. ALL of your suggestions.

Try to avoid stating HOW you think something should be implemented(coding/exact numbers, ect.), or WHY. The community and the developers are aware of most people’s views by now.

Do NOT respond to, or debate, any other person’s opinion in this thread. Take it outside. “Respond in linked topic” comes to mind. :wink:

One place where the developers, and the community itself, can get some sort of sense of where we are… without trudging through walls of rebuttals and logic-chopping by the very vocal few with the time to commit.

Each post could be/should be edited as circumstances or opinions change.

If you agree with someone else’s opinion, copy and paste from their thread to yours. Let us search for at least what minor consensus we can find.

As listed issues are addressed to your satisfaction/best they will get… then cross/check them off. Let’s watch our progress through this process.

I am working on mine. I would hope that folks would attempt brevity for each item, and will put each item in its own line or bullet point.

One small island of sanity should not be too much to ask.

If this idea has enough responses, then perhaps a sticky. EDIT - ooo a sticky. How about that? :smile:

Thank you for your attention.



Yeah, yeah, two posts. :slight_smile: The first I will leave as a moderating starter, in case this idea gains any traction at all. This post is my list.

Overall - Disclaimer… To date I have played almost exclusively Hiigaran, and a small number of Kushan/Vaygr in MP. I have run a few tests with all races vs AI. Therefore my suggestions will be limited in scope, until more experience is obtained

In no order or preference … I will edit this as the list grows, and I have the time to improve order by subject.

  1. All races ships should have commensurate ship caps across all four races. Example - Same number of HW1 Cloaks for each/any HW2 race transferred to at each cap limit level.

  2. HW2 Battlecruiser primary weapons should be nerfed to less-cataclysmic levels.

  3. All Frigates should be buffed in HP.

  4. HW1 ships should be matched to approximately level1 HW2 speed upgrades.

  5. HW1 ships should be matched to approximately level1 HW2 armor upgrades.

  6. All repair ships/functions should be buffed in HP/sec rate in lieu of improved/classic remote repair capabilities.

  7. Formations should be addressed to the extent possible. (look forward to edit or cross off within first two patches)

  8. Stances should be addressed to the extent possible to improve combinations of stance/formation behaviors.

  9. Assault Frigate tracking and/or chance-to-hit should be improved.

  10. We need a Lobby, We Need one.

  11. All damage bugs/mis-tweaks/mis-ports should be addressed.

  12. HW1/HW2 Heavy Cruiser/Battlecruiser availability times should be evened out more.

  13. HW1 plasma weapons(bombers/assault frig bombs) should have limited anti-module capability.

  14. Gravwell/Hyperspace Inhibitor bugs re: exits/damage should be addressed.

  15. Vaygr Hyperspace Gates should be able to “unlock” and move and then “lock on” to any other available Gate… for a small fee.

  16. HW1 Gravity Wells should explode after depletion.

  17. HW1 Gravity Wells should have an on/off switch to retain passive Hyperspace Inhibitor function.

  18. HW1 Gravity Wells should draw strike craft inwards, while keeping corvettes stationary.(wishlist, may not be possible)

  19. HW1 Resource Controller should be either armed, or have an innate area hyperspace ability, to get collectors away.

  20. Strike craft/Corvette facing/strafing issues should be addressed to the extent possible.

  21. Splash damage for all cap ship and larger detonations should be present.(wishlist, may not be possible)

  22. Larger visual difference between valuable and depleted asteroids.

  23. Engine/armor/weapons issues should be addressed to reduce “engine-tanking” incoming fire, to the extent possible.

  24. Custom Badge/Custom map downloading priorities/issues should be addressed to relieve “downloading content” lockups.

  25. Larger HW1 cloak area of effect.

  26. Re-calculate HW1 Cloak activation/re-charge times.

  27. Smaller HW1 Gravwell area of effect WHEN ACTIVE.

  28. Larger Sensor Distortion Probe caps.

  29. Allied tactical views(TAB key) should show all Allied area effects(sensor distort/gravwell/etc.).

  30. Re-calculate HW2 Defense Field Frigate activation/re-charge times and/or damage transparency.

  31. Increase HW2 Defense Field Frigate area of effect slightly.

  32. Decrease non-collision zones around all large vessels(MS/SY/etc.).

  33. Increase viability/decrease vulnerability of HW1 Research Ships and Auxiliary Hubs.

  34. Increase HW1 Cloak/Gravwell turn rate/maneuverability.

  35. Address allied area effect visual discrepancies(flashing cloaked ships, etc.).

  36. Make cloak effect more noticeable for friendly/allied player(s).

  37. Increase in-game chat character limit.

  38. Ensure cross-race functionality of all special units.

  39. Dis-allow cross-race HW1/HW2 speed/armor upgrades/re-transfers.

  40. Address ship effectiveness against optimum target(flak frigate, gunship, etc.)

More to come… the beauty of the eternal edit.

You should get the idea now. Join in. Just state your desires in a clear concise manner. No need to brace for rebuttal or debate. Spit it all out, and put every card you can think of on the table as you think of them.

  1. Return the in game chat functionality to that of hit enter to team chat, hit shift or alt enter for global chat so it doesn’t take so long to get a chat message out.

  2. Bring back the hold CTRL and left/right click on a build queue to add and subtract 5 units at a time. I’m tired of the 40-50 clicks per queue when swarming.

  3. Return the lobby and in game chat features to working order: /player name=whisper, !ignore = silence in your chat, don’t remember the others though but you get the drift.

  4. Fix salvage corvettes to all work in a gravity well field all the time like in the original HW1.

  5. Change gravity wells back to capturing ships in hyperspace rather than blocking them. I can provide a video if need be to show the effect.
    MAP Location

  6. Adjust the text font size dynamically in the UI, the resize feature cuts off text so you can’t see the number of items in the queue if you resize it .

  7. Fix the resize memory of the queue so i don’t have to resize in every game.

  8. Fix mouse issue, I have to double click for a move command to be issued, I have to try selecting ships several times to actually get the cursor to produce the band box, I can provide a video of this too if need be.

9. Fix the dual build queuSo, for me, fighting on the bottom of the map looking up is infinitely more difficult than vice versa. Is this common? Any short cuts you ACE’s can give to me that make fighting up easier?
e so when you have both queues filled with ships that can’t be built due to population issues you still get to use BOTH queus to build other ships in the queue, currently if I max on fighters the second queue does not build anything unless I clear ALL non buildable ship entries.

  1. Recordings, oh how we really need recordings. The game is beautiful but I can’t really enjoy it in the heat of battle if I want to win. Sorry but youtube, twitch, and all those other recording programs only give one side of the whole game and not at the level of detail we all want to see.

  2. Incrase build speeds of HW1 race frigates, destroyers, carriers, and cruisers. It takes us longer to get to, longer to build, and even WITH 2 prod lines per ship longer to recover losses of our much less powerful and armored ships. Late game needs just as much work as small map swarming issues.


Oh man, this is such a good idea. I’ll come back with some thoughts (I’ll just edit this post). Can someone make this a sticky? :slight_smile:

Replay System / Expectator Mode - Adding my voice to this request.

Good idea.

This topic is now pinned. It will appear at the top of its category until it is unpinned by staff for everyone, or by individual users for themselves.

Like the idea, but i wont be adding any weird bug fix that has already been identified (like missile corvettes triple damage)

#1. Engine Changes

1.1 Modify AddAbility hyperspaceinhibitorability so more parameters can be parsed
addAbility(< rship >, “HyperspaceInhibitorAbility”, < bIsActive >, < bInhibitorRadius >,< fAbortDamage >,{< sAttackFamilies > = < fAbortDamageOverride >})
< fAbortDamage >: default damage applied when a ship HSJ is aborted by a HSI expressed in % of ship maxhealth (must be a value between 0 and 1)
< sAttackFamilies >: the name of a family
< fAbortDamageOverride >: the damage applied versus the named family. Must be between 0 and 1

1.2 Lobby Chat
have a chat at the lobby, also improve the max character count perm message

1.3 Full Steam works integration
so we can join friends, see profiles in game and add friends from the server/match

1.4 Allied tactical views
be able to see allies HSI fields, cloak fields, etc

1.5 New ship AddAbility “ShipSupport” for support frigates
similar to ship hold function with holding capacity based on max squadron size (SquadronSize) instead of number of squads, but dock families aside from having a repair override should also have a hold override to limit the amount of ships holding by dock family, if the squad is to big to fit then it should not be allowed to dock with the ship.

Unlike the ShipHold ability ShipSupport should not make use of the launch bay menu, instead should have an special ability to toggle the keep docked/auto launch. ships in the holding bay should be visible/rendered so player can see the content of the ship’s docking bay

#2. Across the board balance changes (apply to all races)

2.1 Rework attack families classification based on ship size and maneuverability
To increase flexibility in defining overrides that uses these families (ie setaccuracy() and also the HSI ability on change 1.1)

Very Small Very Fast		All Scouts
Very Small Fast			HW2 Interceptors, Defense Fighter and Probes
Very Small Slightly Fast	All Bombers, Lance Fighters, HW1 int and Clkd Fighter
Very Small Slow			Defender
Small Slightly Slow		All Corvettes (except repair and multi-gun) and HW2 RUC
Small Slow			Repair Corvette and Multi-gun Corvette
Medium Slow			HW2 RUR
Medium Very Slow		Platforms and HW1 RUC
Large Slightly Slow		Marine and Infiltrator Frigates
Large Slow			All Frigates (except marine/infiltrator)
Large Very Slow			Research Ship, GWG, SA, CG and HW1 RUR
Very Large Slow			All Destroyers
Very Large Very Slow		HW2 Carrier
Huge Very Slow			BC, HC, HW2 Carrier, MS and SY

Once implemented, accuracy values should be revisited for all weapons

2.2 Recycle sub systems of captured ships and the ship itself regardless of the race
in HW2 it was possible to cap a carriers/shipyards of a different race and although you could not use them to build anything you could at least recycle their sub systems for extra RU before scuttling them, HWR should allow the same

2.3 Race specific upgrades
A player’s fleet upgrades should not be applied to transferred/captured ships if these ships are not the same race as the player’s race ()for example a Vaygr player who has unlocked fighters lvl 2 upgrade should not upgrade HW1 fighters that were transferred to him) but if the captured/transferred ship was already upgraded it should retain the upgraded values (for example a lvl 2 hull BC transferred to/captured by a HW1 player should retain the hull upgrades

2.4 Transferable carriers/shipyards
This ships should be transferable among players even if the receiving player and the donating player do not have the same race (tactical use is to keep an ally alive so he can still make use of his fleet to attack or harvest resources)

2.5 All HW2 SC
make all HW2 SC squads “single ship”, increase SC cap and increase landing bays of SY, MS, CC and BC to accommodate to this change, Adjust ships cost proportionally but make their build time 30% faster compared to HW1 SC (to compensate for lack of double production queues)

2.6 All Scouts
Base speed set to 400m/s

#3. HW1 fleets (Kushan/Taidan)

3.1 Gravity Well Generator
HSI radius up to 14km as any other HSI module
SC disabling effect reduced to 2.4km
No recharge energy
Dies when runs out of energy
Ability can be started/stopped at will

3.2 Heavy Cruiser
HC must not receive damage because it aborted the HSJ (most elegant solution would be to implement change 1.1)
HC muts be considered a scoring unit (eg HW1 Fleet does not get defeated if hey still have a HC with them) this could be fixed by giving them the ability to build GWG, SA and CG

3.3 Bomber
New research for anti subsystem bombs

3.4 Assault frigates
should be equipped by default with any subsystem bombs
Accuracy values vs SC should be revisited

3.5 Light Corvette
Attack styles need to be fixed
should be given an anti corvette role

3.6 Heavy Corvette
Attack styles need to be fixed
should be given an anti-capital (frigate) role

3.7 Salvage Corvette
Should not deactivate salvage target ships subsystems until all corvettes needed to tow away have latched

3.8 Carrier insta cap
Carrier and Mother Ships should have the same hierarchy for the ship salvage mechanic, however ships should be towed to one or the other ship based on size and dock families (for example Mother Ships should have priority to salvaged destroyer, frigates however should be seamlessly towed to either the Mother Ship or a Carrier being the distance the main factor to discern between the two )

if the Mother ship is not available and the salvaged ship is too big to dock with the carrier then the salvaged ship should go through a capture process like with marines and infiltrators as soon as the ships gets near the carrier

3.9 RU collectors
give RU collectors the ability to HSJ

3.10 HW1 Ships upgrades
Remove early game advantages (hull health and speed) add give Vaygr like upgrade research (upgrades per family) which can be unlocked once the first research technology in each build family has been completed (also include upgrades for utility ships)

3.11 Kushan drone frigate’s drones"
Drones should attack the target that the master frigate is attacking

3.12 Defenders
remove Subsystem damage multipliers

3.13 Support Frigates
Add a research that gives Support Frigate a limited fire control effect (each SF increases damage and accuracy by half of what a FCT does)

#4. Higaran balance changes

4.1 Scouts
Scout EMP strike accuracy increased to 0.6 vs SC, Range reduced to 1.5km and Area of Effect radius increased to 1000m (only if squads get ditched as per change 2.5)
Give scout speed research upgrades

4.2 Marine Frigates
cancapture latch point offset could be increased to ease latching, but overall they need to be more maneuverable to latch faster and also be able to latch to non horizontal targets
Capture command should not be interrupted by unsuccessful HSJ when the target is within a HSI field

4.3 Flak Frigate
hgn_bustcannonbusrt radius increased to 120 meters (only if squads get ditched as per change 2.5)

4.4 Minelayer Corvette
Give armor and speed upgrades

#5. Vaygr balance changes

5.1 Scouts
Scout EMP strike accuracy increased to 0.6 vs SC, Range reduced to 1.5km and Area of Effect radius increased to 1000m (only if squads get ditched as per change 2.5)
Give Scouts a ping research and ability

5.2 Battle Cruiser
Vgr_HeavyFusionMissileLauncherBC max health increased to 70k
Vgr_BCForwardWeapon range reduced to be in pair with HBC ion turrets

5.3 Infiltrator Frigates
need to be more maneuverable to latch faster and also be able to latch to non horizontal targets
Capture command should not be interrupted by unsuccessful HSJ when the target is within a HSI field

5.4 Mother Ship
Fix docking paths for the RU drop off to make Vaygr RU collectors as efficient as higaran Collectors

5.5 Shipyard
Fix docking paths for the RU drop off to make Vaygr RU collectors as efficient as higaran Collectors

1 - High Priority - Debris are being storaged outside the HGN Carrier (maybe other ships as well)
2 - Mid priority - In HW2 campaign, gates and probes are hyperspacing with the rest of the fleet, I think it didn’t work like that in the original
3 - Low priority - HGN carrier lacks contrast in the bay ligthing. It’s too glassy. A good benchmark is the TDN Flagship of FX mod
4 - Low priority - Remake both numbers in the VGR Stations and also turn the textures cleaner, the style is too dirt.
5 - item #10 @BlueHair_OMO - We need a Lobby, We Need one. - 2nd vote

by priority

  • lobby
  • official balance mod
  • spectator mode
  • netcode (content, sync)
  • vaygr missile/laser bugfix [guess done]
  • vaygr harvesting [guess done]
  • unit ai (repair, formations/strikeforce, stances)
  • replays
  • individual ui element scaling ratio [guess done]

also, nice post

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Lets make this short and simple.
Here are the bare necessities:

Corvettes need to face their targets as do assault frigates.
Assault Frigates from HW1 factions need to point towards their targets as well as being better in an anti-corvette and anti-frigate role, they should remain bad against fighters but strengthen their anti-frigate and anti-corvette weaponry.
Salvage corvettes need to tow frigates towards the nearest carrier for capture, not just the mothership.

HW1 fighters need to be adjusted so they’re cheaper and more efficient, for example 75 RUs for interceptors would be decent price since the HW2 interceptors come in squadrens which saves them money in the long run.
Making them fire more shots and doing less damage would help so that interceptors aren’t all killed with bad RNG luck.

Research need to be balanced somewhat more, at the moment there’s no real reason to get another research ship.
I’d suggest making the normal research costs cheaper (possibly longer), but each additional research ship significantly boosts research speed. 6 research ships should make research 6xfaster than just 1.

That is fair since Hiigaran’s only need research modules and subsystems to gain access to most of their units. They don’t need to research at all so when resources are higher hiigaran have a huge advantage when it comes to teching compared to Taiidan/kushan, enabling research ships to cut research time equivalent to the investment put in will even the odds.

I am neither an expert player nor a modder, so take this worth a grain of salt.

Here, then, are my priorities:

  1. Address flight characteristics of HW1 fighters and corvettes such that they behave in a manner suited to their weapons systems
  2. Modify HW1 assault frigate stats such that they function as more general-purpose vessels (I saw someone compare them to torpedo frigates in terms of strengths and functionality; I agree)
  3. Find some way for HW1 races to compensate for HW2 upgrades (such as by reducing HW1 costs and increasing HW1 unit cap – not a suggestion, just an option)
  4. Find some way for HW1 races to compensate for shipyards – methinks allowing HW1 Carriers to build capital ships at vastly reduced rates (80% slower should do the trick) would work
  5. Find a fair way for HW1 races to compensate for HW2 fire control tower aside from destroying the opposing player’s tower
  6. Tweak battlecruisers (and, if necessary, Heavy Cruisers) slightly such that they are not wholly game-breaking (suggestion: maximum BC/HC cap reduced to 1)

That’s all I can think of for the moment.

Cheers, all! Kudos to the HW:R community for doing such an amazing job testing changes and providing feedback for the developers; and kudos to Gearbox for listening so well and (obviously!) working so hard to implement a balance patch.

Gearbox took on the impossible by trying to please everyone with Homeworld: Remastered. Anyone else here think they can please up to one standard deviation away from everyone?

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I’ll probably edit and add more after the first patch. I think most of what I want to see will come with it.

My pipe dream wish would be to set my own horizon angle. Think the Enders Game move; The enemies gate is down scene. It feels like that is the 3D element that has always been missing from HW, having up and down forced on you as appose to dictating it for yourself.

  • EVERYTHING should be capturable (even MS/SY) or transferable as a GameType in case people don't want to use it.
  • all captured build capable ships should be able to build ships for the capturing player ( a Taiidan carrier can still build only Taiidan ships, but a capturing player of another race can reverse engineer all the ships it could build at the time of capture).
  • strategically then, it becomes much more important to protect your build ships and use things like support frigates and transports in fleet support roles.
  • since this would be optional functionality, people who don't like it won't have to use it
  • I am thrilled w all the work being done on formations now but would like to see this added to it…

  • Rigid vs Flexible formations (think Kushan Drone Frigate vs Somtaaw Hive Frigate).
  • Hierarchical formations, for example two Drone Frigates (which are their own formation group w their drones) plus an Ion Canon Frigate set in formation w each other, and then this formation included in a bigger squadron.
  • this should make it possible for modders to implement something like the Beast (what a Beast player will be able to build will depend completely on what the Beast player can capture or an ally will transfer (that was part of the Cataclysm SP campaign story)


  • Factions: a way to extend a race so you can play a specific sub-group. using @EvilleJedi's Re-Hash mod as an example, one faction might use the different battle cruiser style ship hulls to fill various roles while a different faction would use his different destroyer hulls to fill those same roles. Certain build and research options of the base race would be disabled while new options would be used. a faction's build and research files could probably be in the same directories as the parent race but have a different name. Kith Sobaan would have a Sobaan_build.lua and Sobaan_research.lua which would have new build or research items only. there would be a new optional parameter for build and research items that would default to the parent race only but would add space delimited list of factions that can use it (e.g. "Sobaan Nabaal" if those two factions can also use it -- if a faction is not listed, or the parameter does not say "all" then that faction can't use it)
  • re-Supply : something like crates and RU injection, but it would involve one or more transports appearing at a random location at the edge of the map and traveling to a specific player's closest build-capable ship. if they make it, they each grant something (RU's or research). 1) if someone else captures a transport, they get it's goodies. 2) if it's research, the player gets all of the pre-requisite research that leads up to it (but can't go beyond that if it's a player of a different race or faction) 3) if it is a research item and it was heading for a player of a different race or faction, the capturing player, e.g. a Vaygr player capturing a Hiigaran transport, he would get granted "hgn_tech" or "hgn_tech:nabaal" research (if it was of the Kith Nabaal faction). this then would be provide for the coding mechanism to check what build and research items the captured research is based on. that research item would be a parameter on each build item so that modders can programmatically know what's there.
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    My 2 cents.

    Old game, small fan base still playing online, and the most important multi player items already modable (e.g. ship data) I would say the things developers should be working to affect the most amount of fans would be 1) MOD tools 2) pulling important engine items out to be accessible via MOD tools that are not now.

    Whether you want to face it or not, balance(for homeworld) is not as important as most think. If we have more mod tools a balance mod will solve that problem for the 50 so repeating multi player fans(by the way I am one of those fans) that everyone sees play night after night. A game this old, remastered or not, is not going to snow ball in fan base.

    For those fans that play more single player, whether it be campaign or multi player with friends versus AI, they need to get some engine specific functions in reach of modders. My short list on this:

    1. More ability to affect AI. I want to be able to do to Homeworld what Sorian did to Supreme Commander… Build a robust human like AI.
    2. I want Ai to be able to use CLOAK more often
    3. AI Set specific players on different play styles in the same game
    4. Ai, have them use hyperspace better, when they try to retreat you can count on their hyperspace being within sight of their last position!
    5. Ai, support each other better (including supporting human allies).
    6. I want to be able to tweak Ai in campaign so I can replay the campaign as many times as I can think to change it up.
    7. Map tools!
    8. Add units to the game!
    9. Replays, replays, replays! I want to watch games others play when I am not playing! I want more utube videos that are more informative and easier to watch. I need replays!

    Again… just my 2 cents.



    Edit: I realized that all weapon types can be separated into three types and each has two versions.

    Kenetic: High speed projectiles with no tracking.
    Machinegun: High rate of fire with low DPS.
    Slugs: Medium RoF with medium DPS. Flak slugs deal AOE damage.

    Plasma: Instantaneous beam weapon.
    Plasma Lance: High rate of fire with low DPS.
    Ion Beam: Low rate of continuous fire with high DPS

    Explosives: Low speed projectiles with high damage.
    Bombs: No tracking with immense damage.
    Missiles: Target seeking with high damage.

    Original: Weapons are returned to a projectile basis rather an an RNG basis and hidden damage multipliers vs class type are removed. Weapons are balanced according to their effectiveness.

    Kinetic Weapons - Used by ships such as the Assault Craft.
    Pro - Rapid fire with a high bullet velocity make them great at taking out multiple agile fighter units.
    Con - Low DPS makes them inefficient against more durable targets.
    Great against - Fighters and fragile Corvettes.
    Weak against - Larger ships with higher durability.

    Beam Weapons - Used by ships such as the Lance Fighter.
    Pro - Near pin point accuracy and instant velocity allows hits against targets even at long ranges.
    Con - Low rate of fire makes it difficult to take out multiple units. Takes time for the Hiigaran’s version to finish in exchange for its higher DPS.
    Great against - Targets at long range.
    Weak against - Close units that can move out of the firing arc before it finishes for the Hiigaran version. The Vayger is better against fighters but has a lower overall DPS that makes it less effective against corvettes.

    Bombs - Used by ships such as the Bomber
    Pro - Fired in quick bursts that allow for hit and run tactics. Massive burst damage makes them great at quickly taking out larger ships.
    Con - The bombs are slow moving and have no tracking. Almost impossible to hit fighters or faster corvettes with. They need time to reload afterwards. Less range and DPS over time than missiles.
    Great against - Stationary or very slow targets that can’t move out of the way such as Frigates or other large ships.
    Weak against - Faster ships that can move out of the way.

    Missiles - Missile Corvette
    Pro - Better tracking than bombs makes them better at long ranges and against moving targets. Very high dps once they get going.
    Con - Very low velocity means faster ships can still outfly them. Low rate of fire.
    Great against - Slow moving targets that lack the ability to escape the missiles.
    Weak against - Fighters who can outfly the missiles or units with high power/long ranged attacks that can destroy your ship before it gets more than a few shots off.

    In use examples

    Five Assault Craft/Lance Fighter/Bomber vs Interceptor
    Assault Craft - Does the best and loses few units to no units.
    Lance Fighter - Does almost as well as the Assault Craft and loses few units.
    Bomber - Barely damage the enemy and is wiped out.

    Five Assault Craft/Lance Fighter/Bomber vs Gunship
    Assault Craft - Does the worst and loses most if not all of its units.
    Lance Fighter - Does the best and loses only one or two units.
    Bomber - Does almost as well as the Lancer and loses few units.

    Five Assault Craft/Lance Fighter/Bomber vs Drone Frigate
    Assault Craft - Utterly destroyed. Very little effect.
    Lance Fighter - Damages the enemy but is wiped out.
    Bomber - Loses a few units but destroys the enemy.

    Five Assault Craft/Lance Fighter/Bomber vs Destroyer
    Assault Craft - Utterly destroyed. No noticeable damage.
    Lance Fighter - Very slightly damage the enemy but is wiped out.
    Bomber - Deals a noticeable amount of damage before they’re taken out.


    I’ll start with the first thought that comes to mind:

    I’d like to have Homeworld 1 +2 Classic’s multiplayer mode back via LAN and if possible via Steam.
    This may also make some HW1 fans very happy.


    Second, if we are talking about Washington DC.

    Second, except for SC smaller than corvettes.

    Second, and add an “infinite production” box next to the pause or cancel box.

    I think I understand what amsajuja is getting at on “1.5”, and if so I second. Ships that have SC docking points, like Support Frigates and Resource Controlers, need to have a “stay docked” option. Ideally, docked craft would still be subject to damage, but benefit form repair by the craft they dock with.

    From the perspective of a campaign addict: Immersion is all-important, and arbitrary restrictions on ship capture break immersion. Still, insta-capture is also immersion breaking and should not be permitted in a campaign setting.

    Salvage Corvette capture should be allowed only for ships small enough to dock. NO FUDGING. If you want the Taiidan Carrier to be capturable by the Kushan Mothership, you need to make that door a bit bigger.

    Marine/Infiltrator Frigate type capture should be required for all larger craft and facilities, and I do mean ALL. To make this work with campaigns ships in campaigns need to be able to be tagged to convert not only to your fleet, but optionally to allies (friendly which fight the CP but are not under your control and do not warp out with you) or to neutrals (inactive, but potentially still target-able by CP, and do not warp with you).

    Capturing should always be more difficult/take longer than destroying the target with an equivalent (to the capturing vessel(s)) RU value of combat vessels.

    Yes, the above handicaps Kushan/Taiidan. I have a solution: Turanic Raider Standard Corvette should be made capable of Marine Frigate type capture: frigate+ size. In campaign they can be captured; in multi-player, give Kushan/Taiidan a Turanic Raider Treaty (Alliance, Merc Hire, whatever…) tech which allows them to produce Standard Corvettes. This corvette should have 50% or less the capture speed of Marine Frigates, but between 50% and 150% more landing points to help make up the difference.

    Do not underestimate the potential of this request. HWR has the potential to combine the benefits of both active development and active crowd donations of man-hours. Folks have been dumping tons of hours into mods for this game for free for 15 years. Make creation of any kind of content for this game more accessible and you will have a game that creates itself for you. Want make a new campaign to generate more interest and sales? How would you like hundreds of free maps pre-made to chose from for the project? Same with ship designs, of course. Most modders would die for the honor of having their work in an official campaign.

    From me: Much of this is replicated from the discussion from Gameplay Bugs & Feedback MEGATHREAD

    1. Replace load screen with a series of static screen shots, maybe with captions of trivia concerning HW lore and developer history. An idea shamelessly stolen from Mavel Heroes, but it works. It will be more fun to look at, and will stop folks thinking their game is broken or under-performing when that load line stops moving. I bet lots of fans will be happy to donate screen shots and even art for the honor of being featured. A new lineup could be included with each patch, keeping interest high.

    My advice: Do not include text of anything with potential to change, like ship characteristics or tactics, to remove the need to update old texts.

    1. Make ship descriptions from selected ships and from the build menu provide the same information.

    2. Provide an ideal DPS (all weapons hit 100% accuracy) in ship descriptions.

    3. Make Parade Formation more sensible. The ships need to stop running off the edge of the map at the start of each campaign mission.

    4. Corvettes should face their target when on aggressive, but have greatly reduced speed while doing so since they are being propelled by less powerful directional vents. Missile Corvettes and corvettes with 360 turret traverse do not have to face their targets, and therefore can be exempt from this mechanic.

    5. Frigates and capital ships with forward facing weapons should face their targets when on aggressive and ordered to fire while moving. Again, at greatly reduced speed. Missile frigates and destroyers, and ships with turrets that let them bring their full firepower to bare from any position should be exempt from this mechanic.

    6. HWR1 Support Frigates and Repair Corvettes should embrace a symmetry. Give Repair Corvettes the repair mechanic of HW2 Resource Collectors when repairing frigate+ class ships. This will make the two ships complement each-other, rather than making either obsolete.

    7. Please give the Turanic Carriers offensive capabilities in campaign.

    8. Please give all enemy structures some native defensive capability.

    9. Please remove the hangar space cap from Mothership and/or carriers.

    10. Please make unit caps optional, and on a sliding scale: 0.5x standard to 5x standard to “no unit cap”.

    11. Allow the capture, without forced recycling, of the enemy frigates in mission 3.

    12. Allow turreted ships on aggressive to target multiple enemy ships automatically when not all turrets can reach one target.

    13. Allow ships with multiple functions to continue to use their weapons while performing their other function (repair, capture, etc.) and set to aggressive.

    14. Give repair ships better AI to take more initiative in repairing damaged ships in their sensor range.

    15. Give a weapon range indicator for units. Particularly needed when I am trying to not get my ships one-shotted while trying to coax enemies out of formations.

    16. Make all ships in fleet register on the “population info” display.

    17. Remove the Research Ships from HWR1. Replace them with modules, or with research advancement techs which increase future research speed.

    18. Stop having smoke and dust float “up” from ships.

    19. Indicate the amount of RU invested in a build/research project so you can know how much you will get back from cancelling.

    20. We seem to be able to see the RU value of dust clouds outside of sensor range, but not of asteroids. Intended?

    21. Add a secondary bar under the heath bar above the unit info popup in the lower left hand corner so we can see, for example, how close a Resource Collector is to full without having to zoom all the way in on the ship.

    22. The harvesting symbol next to your RU display aught to be a button that does something handy like ordering all idle Resource Collectors to harvest.

    23. Defenders and similar craft are the only fighter sized craft which should utilize the facing tactic while orbiting in attack. They should not get a speed penalty when doing so as this is what they are designed to do and is already accounted for in their low innate speed.

    24. There is a little red icon to the left of the Sensors Manager button which reads “Sellect Fleet” when moused over, but does not seem to have any actual function.

    25. Provide a way to orient formations other than giving them multiple move orders.

    26. Provide a command to get units to maintain a position relative to another unit (friendly or hostile).

    27. Currently, HWR1 Support Frigates, if assigned to repair a ships above or below them, will end up pushing that ship out of position in an attempt to get within it’s short repair range.

    28. Please provide a -dps stat for units with the repair ability.

    29. Game time always reflects time since last load. Please either change to time since mission start, or give the option of either.

    30. Provide a “custom formation” which allows the player to lock ships into there current relative positions.

    31. Scouts docked with mothership who have speed burst activated cause their speed burst become permanent. This is likely a occurring with other dock-able ships with expendable abilities.

    32. Menu button labels should be centered at all resolutions.

    33. Provide some reference info on screen when a saved game or mission is selected; prior to loading. Maybe a screenshot from the moment of save, or listing of your fleet at time of save. There is a lot of the screen not in use, and it is a pain having to load from multiple saves to find the one you want.

    34. Ships seem to emerge from salvage with a random tactical setting, which I suspect reflects the setting the unit had under AI control. It would be nice to make this default setting either more predictable, or, preferably, under player control. Have a setting which determines what tactics units are produced with as default, including captured units. This will reduce the need to distract your eye from the front lines just to make sure your newly captured/produced ships are not blowing up ships you are trying to bring in to capture, or sitting passively while enemy ships blow them to pieces.

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    You should make a mod or something with all these ideas.

    Sorry about being a necro, but this needs to be active again. Otherwise there is no point of that sticky.

    1. There needs to be a significant change to the way ships are repaired. Hovering around a ship and sometimes giving it repairs is not useful.

    Edit 1: [quote=“Lazer72, post:21, topic:276797, full:true”]
    How would you go about it?
    What do you mean?

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    I believe post participation would decline in time with this specific topic. That’s actually a good thing as long as the devs can get feedback in a non-chaotic way (the nature of the post) from as most involved players as possible.

    The more people get interested in the game though, the more we should expect them to provide more feedback. I just hope devs do take note of what ppl are posting here :slight_smile: (regardless of what they decide to do with it).

    Sorry I’m not adding clutter to the post. That’s it, I go quiet now :P. Just saying this post hasn’t lost relevance IMHO.

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    How would you go about it? How would you implement the repair system.