One powerful character

I am only in normal mode but damn does she seem a lot more unbalanced compared to other characters. Once you get a fast charging shield, bitter riposte [level 4/5] and short summer she seems to destroy everything rather quickly compared to the others.

I know I am only on normal mode but damn she is definitely one of the strongest out the gate.

I’m still in NVHM and using cryo snipers, she is so far very powerful. But the word is she’s not awesome at surviving big boss battles solo due to the lack of healing ability’s

Notice that the penalty of cryo on shields goes from a very forgiving 0.75 in normal mode to 0.4 from tvhm on.

She is very nice and the lack of healing abilities can be bypassed with a mistress mod, my current one does 5.8 team health regeneration. However as you get to stronger modes you get more and more enemies with cryo resistance making her abilities not as useful.

She destroys mobs, but has some trouble with bosses … at least in TVHM and UVHM … don’t really remember NVHM … not even sure what skills I was using .

Yes, I feel she is very powerful.

I beg to [differ] 1. Only troublesome encounter is the raid boss.

Depends on the weapons … and what one considers troublesome.

There some boss fights where I just did not have ideal weapons, which kept me in the fights too long for her lack of healing skills.

I had to go farm some lvls and weapons for the Sentinel in NVHM, but got through fine in TVHM.

The rest of this is UVHM results…

I did my playthough with found weapons only … not ones I had stored on other characters. Except Deadlift, which I need to borrow a Longnail from one of my other chars to take him out. So, Deadlift was troublesome, as I had hit a wall.

Went down a couple of times against the Bosun. Got down with no 2nd winds nearby.

Rampant Felicity was the other boss I had only green weapons for. That took way too long.

Zarpedon was starting to be problem, until I … dunno … got a good run or something … it was quick and she went down.

I was worried about RK5 as my weapons were not great, but using the jumppads got me through that without any problems.

The Sentinel was hard on the first phase, but finally got 2nd winds when I needed 'em … The other 3 phases seemed easier than NVHM or TVHM.

DId not do the raid boss … yet.

All of the characters are overpowered if geared and used correctly. Only person who is well rounded is Wilhelm.

I think Wilhelm can be set up as one of the most overpowered actually. With Wolf and Saint being able to be sent out quite fast and the amazing power of Termination Protocols it is quite hard to find a situation he cannot easily overcome. Even if FFYL runs out if there is an enemy nearby the explosion at the end of Termination Protocols can almost always get a kill getting you back on your feet.

in normal yes its a good chance itll get a 2nd wind but in T/U VHM i never got a 2nd wind off of it

I haven’t done ultimate yet but I have got 2nd winds with it in true