One Punch issue with new Anointments?

So I’ve been farming One Punch since the Farming Frenzy started. Literally. Done nothing else with any of the other Rare enemies or bosses or anything else. Run through Lectra City, fast travel back to Sanctuary to offload/sell loot, rinse and repeat.

In all that time he’s dropped the One Pump Chump dozens of times, with the same Anointments (when they even drop Anointed on M4) over and over, all the older generic ones and a couple for Amara, Fl4k and Moze each. Yet none of them were Moze’s updated Incendiary Anointment, or Fl4k’s improved Gamma Burst Anointment.

One Punch has dropped the 100% bonus Cryo while SNTNL active Anointment for me all of three times. Once on a Ripper, once on a Sleeping Giant, and once on a Conference Call. That is the only time he’s dropped ANY of the new Anointments and all of them are world drop gear over his singular unique drop.

Did they skip him in the Anointment hotfix? Or has anyone else had trouble with unique Legendary drops not dropping newer Anointments? I have literally been farming this guy for over 48 total play hours and he hasn’t dropped them ONCE on the One Pump Chump, and the 100% bonus Cryo Anointment for Zane is the whole reason I’m even farming him.

I have no solid evidence for you other than RnG is a b###h!

I was coming into this thread to fully agree when this happened.

So RNG just hates me, lovely. Well I’m giving it one more day and if I have no luck, I’m going to other Rares while I still have the chance, not gonna waste the whole event trying to get a since gun.

If you’re on Xbox you can have it. Im in your boat but I need 100% Rakk damage. Been farming him for a long time. I only get sliding/airborne ones.

Nah, been looking for the 100% bonus Cryo on SNTNL for Zane. And on PS4 anyways, but thanks.

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Um I’ll take it if you don’t want it. I’ve been trying to farm a Sledges with GB. I swear it’s one of the rarest Anointments.

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Hell, only reason I have one is cause a friend spent like half a day farming after I told him the fast code for One Punch.

I got that, am on ps4. I’m farming for one with max damage, so you can have mine if you want