One punch man/one pump chump

Any one have any recommendations on how to farm the one pump chump? I most of killed one punch already 50 times on mayhem 1 and still havent gotten it. Lol just getting annoyed seeing if there’s anything that will help. Thanks

Put it on Mayhem 3.


Really? I had been farming him the last couple days for annointed ones and he seemed to drop it about 1 in 3 or 4 kills for me. Sometime a few times in a row. I was doing it on Mayhem 3 though. What platform are you playing on?


Bad RNG, just keep at it, and yeah going to M3 helps

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Thanks on mayhem 1 right now but yeah I’ve must killed this son of a b**** 40 times already lol

So on mh3 and I’m 0-5 lol this is just nuts man

I farmed tarantula for 8 hours straight yesterday. She dropped I think 5 or 6 hives total, with two annointed. Both annointed she dropped within the first 30 minutes and I kept telling myself “just two more annointed and I’m done farming for now.” 7 hours passed and my rng was hitting really hard. That’s just how it goes sometimes. Keep at it and stay in M3 you will get it eventually and it will feel so good when you finally do.


I’ve had about 6 drops from him. Took about 5 goes each. Mostly was farming for a level equivalent…stopped bothering once i got my 50.

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That’s what I’m trying to get now. man this is getting a bit ridiculous

I’ve been trying 8-10 hours every day for over 2 weeks to get a 1-pump with the phaseslam anoint. (EDIT: And a high damage roll…have found a bad one) The droprates are REALLY whacky. Sometimes he drops them 1 after the other and other times you can do 100 runs and not get anything. Same for the headsplosion and hive, etc. It’s driving me insane, because there’s almost no possible way to reasonably get the anoint you want even if you play an ungodly amount of hours. And if you get one, chances are the damage roll is going to be low and you’re still going to be disappointed.

BL2 had some bad drop rates, but at least it didn’t have the extra anoint layer of RNG. And with the Hive, there’s ANOTHER layer of RNG, because the boss doesn’t always spawn. They need to make these bosses less stingy, because every other weapon is easier to get IN A WORLD DROP POOL…

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Totally agreed man just want my damn gun lmao I’ve been trying for 4-5 hours and they just made me fight 3 anointed before one punch, I have no problem killing him I melt him rather fast but God damn this is annoying lol

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I actually like the annointed layer. It’s like you can find a great legendary and then you can find an extra great legendary for one characters. Granted I’m not stressing over annointment it now as I think it will be sold once they up the level eventually.


Yeah man, I can feel your frustration. Hope you get one soon! If you’re on PC I could also give you one, because I have an absolute ton of them.

True, it will all become obsolete pretty soon, so it’s a little over the top to stress out about anoints for sure, but I have a bad habit of not giving up. :smiley:

I can agree it’s a cool system if you look at it from your perspective for sure. But they’ve announced the Maliwan Takedown and it’s 4-player, but I want to complete it solo. There’s no way (well, that’s what I’m guessing anyway) that will be possible if I don’t get the anoints on the weapons I want. (EDIT: To be fair, I really don’t need the 300% PS 1-pump. I just want to have one…LOL)

I’ll be doing it solo as well. I basically played 2 and 3 solo exclusively and could do about everything solo except kill some raid bosses on OP levels (I never tried that too much).

I’d like to think it will be doable solo and without great annointments but undoubtedly it will help if you find the ones that work with your build.

Yeah, if we can take BL2 as a parameter, I’m sure it will be doable. I did everything in BL2 solo as well, including the raid bosses on all characters. I even completed a 1-life run on Zero and Maya, so I’m looking forward to the challenge. But I’m also well aware that I’m the kind of player that needs pretty good gear to be able to pull it off. :smiley:

I got one yesterday from him after a couple tries. (I used a Luck artifact & have been putting a few Guardian points into Luck as well.) I’m leveling up an Amara on normal M1 solo.

I thought mayhem just increased your drops, not droprates of designated items? Wasn’t it “proven” that by going to higher mayhem levels, it made these rare mob uniques drop less because you get bigger loot pool? One punch man doesn’t drop a whole lot of his own so maybe it doesn’t apply to him though

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Hope you get it. I got one 4230 with the phaseslam annoint. And a phaseslam Maggie right after it. Been having a lot of fun with those two.


What level you looking for, hit me a DM and I can sort you a lvl 50.