One question about skins

I’m not sure if it is the correct place, so sorry if it’s not.

I have to ask, i saw the skins of the different characters and… they all are recolour versions, no really different skins.

So, they are the only one “skins” in the game? or there are skins where they really change the appearance of the character? Different clothes or hair for example, not just different colours.

Thanks for your time guys =)

Dont worry: The Devs announced that there´ll be Tier" & Tier 3 skins changing the actual look of characters. The Tier 2 skins should be added soon.
There are rumors about T3-skins to be microtransactions or rewards in the future, but we´ve to wait and see what GBX does :slight_smile:

Theres another topic with screenshots of T2 skins too - I´ll search it out for ya :heart:

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Have not found the topic yet, but some others with posted screenshots in them

-> T1 to T3 skins and taunts. What do you want?
Cool link to an El Dragon skin

-> Battleborn Skins only change Color?

So far most Skins whitnessed are Dia de los Muertos/Zombie sins, saw them for Kleese & Thorn too.