One question to Devs

Dear Developers can u answer on simple question i’m not need more, just one answer…
Do you plan to make any steps to improve optimization, i’m buy this game for not small money for my country, my pc fully meets the recommended requirements, why i’m can’t play becouse have low fps, It’s outrageous? On some maps fps drop to 10-20/ i’m realy love battlebornd, but this is realy did me angry.

Please dont told me about u arent experiencing problems with top hardware, i’m dont have it, and this game don’t need it. If developers do some in optimization patch.

Please tell me, you planning do something?

Optimization is always ongoing. What would be of great help is to post your known computer specs so others may be able to help with your issue. Also, what graphics settings are you set to.

Stuff like this is helpful:


You can get the CPU and amount of RAM from the system properties by pressing the WindowsKey+Pause/Break buttons. Hopefully know your graphics card or a computer model number if it is pre-built.

im did it already in other topics…
CPU i5
GPU GeForce 660 gtx 2gb
16 Gb Kingston HyperX
Motherboard Asus didnt remember version

In game graphics settings MINIMUM (all minimum, all turned off)
Windows 10 x64 3 weeks ago reinstalled, no viruse, new HDD 7200.

Elite dungerous going on hight, The Division going well on middle + settings, Witcher 3 run perfect, Overwatch perfect, Crysis 3, grand theft auto v going well, in all this game and more i don’t have any fps issues, Black Desert Online…

my pc nothing to do with. It’s just bad optimized game, my question is simple - devs do any steps to increase fps in game, if not, return me money becouse u deceived me and this is not good =(

answer please

Looks like your graphics card is bottle-necking your pc, And yes the game could be alot more optimized, which is a shame.

I can tell you with certainty it’s the video card. I have the GTX680 4GB version (paired with an i7 3770k and 32GB memory) and I’ve installed afterburner and watched as my cpu floats around 25% usage (give or take) and the GPU is pegged at 100%. Was getting less than 30fps but In my case I was running native rez @ 2560x1600. The only solution that worked well is running at 1280x800 and cranking up AA through the Nvidia control panel so it doesn’t look that bad. In your case, run at 960x540. That is the scaled down resolution where it won’t looks horrendous. (math)

Even running the game at 1920x1080 with my card I still get huge drops so trust me, nothing you can do from that end outside of getting a better video card. At the very least a 970. (But at this point a 1070 is the better deal so go for that if you can find it.)

I should also note that at 1920x1080 I was using around 3GB of video memory so you should benefit from that as well. (this includes the other games you play.)

One more time, all other game with greatest graphics run well… Problem is not in my pc…
Devs lie in recommended settings. I have better setup. Why i’m lagging on minimum settings if i have better then reccomendet

And again, same here bud. I share your frustration.
I have no problem running other games maxed out without issue and at an even higher resolution. Outside of a few of the coop missions in BB I can not maintain 60 fps on most maps @ 1920x1080 let alone my native resolution. My video card is faster than yours, my cpu is faster, I have twice the memory, and my system is 100% ssd. The bottleneck is in fact my video card.
Install afterburner and put up the cpu, gpu, and gpu memory stats while you play. You will see your gpu pegged @ 100%. I have friends that have 960’s and 970’s and don’t have the same issue.
Try changing the resolution to the one I recommended (960x540) and see if that helps. You can even crank up all the details, just drop the resolution. I can play 1280x800 with every setting at its highest and get 60fps on all maps save for the Sabateur. But then again I don’t know anyone who can maintain 60fps on that mess.
I’ll add that I believe their recommended system requirements are wrong. A 660 should be the minimum, not the recommended. A 960 or equivalent or better should be their recommended.