One reason why desinated drop rates could be better

Obviously gamers need a challenge, and good build variations… And I would say there is lots of variation up till M4, where then only a few specific items may be necessary for certain characters to reach the highest game difficulty - that their unique character can reach.

But when specific loot is so difficult to get, and build diversity is low at the peak…

You get stuff like this:

You also must have also seen the adverts on Youtube selling Legendaries…

I spent maybe 8 hours trying to get one gun, a designated drop, to drop from a boss. It didn’t. Not even once - let alone with the element I wanted.

Fortunately, we lucky there are so many cool people on this forum willing to help people out with trades or gifts.

But even then…if loot is too hard to get from focused farming, it opens the door up for such callous exploitation…


Just wow, I’ve seen some videos on YT where there was an add for such a site that sells items, never realised it was a thing on Ebay too. Just checked the European site of Ebay, and its pretty damn crazy.

Funny thing is: these items sell! There was this Transformer shield with one of the new annointments that already sold 63 times. There was even a guy charging 0.01 euros shipping lol.

3.63 euros for a shield? No thanx, I’d rather farm my *ss off and not get it rather than spend money on an ingame item.

It’s funny there selling a DP version of that as if dose less damage and consumed more ammo because of the guns red text ability canceling out the extra projectile. Basicly it’s a trash gun XD

I do agree some more attention to dedicated loot sorces is needed. Having end bosses of Slaughter domes or rare mobs drop spicific guns defeats the purpose of them having a dedicated drop.
Farming quality of life was something BL3 was supposed to improve with the new checkpoint loading and multiple fast travels within large locations.

When you have a long build up to am item you need to measure the time invested per farm. Some rare mobs may go 3 to 10 reloads without showing up and when I do kill them, it is only a chance to see the drop. At least in the circles of Slaughter you can black out afte killing Tremendosarus or Titan so you can farm then without redoing all 4 round.
Regardless the point of dedicated loot sorces is players being able to target a farm. I don’t want to bother farming something that can and will world drop if the sorce is difficulty or inconsistent to farm.