One-Shot Boyo! One Billion+ Dmg On Graveward Zane Build

Heya Buddies, Since I saw the tons of buffs on HOTFIXES: OCTOBER 8, 2020 I wanted to try my best to make a build centered around the most fun looking buff. Of course my brain gravitated towards the only skill shot oriented gun that was buffed which is the Masterwork Crossbow, This gun only has 1 shot in the magazine but deals crazy amounts of damage. The only drawback besides the lack of ammo is that each shot is a slow projectile that arcs so it requires a lot of practice than most guns. I also saw Zane just got the cold bore buff and that gave me a sexy idea. "What if we combined both of those?" And with that I created this build that allows me to deal one billion damage plus with only one shot from the gun.

Click Here for Build Showcase:

For maximum damage output we focused on the anointment: Gain 300% increased Weapon Damage against enemies above 90% health. A 432% Unforgiven for on demand crit bonus. Barrier Action Skill for bonus damage. A Seeing Dead with 2 points into Playing Dirty, Which on kill skill makes our next 5 shots able to shoot an additional projectile. One Shotter Amp Shield for bonus amp on all projectiles, even the Playing Dirty additional projectile. Violent Momentum for speed damage bonus & finally Cold Bore Damage. There is of course more to add to this list but these are the important one.

Now the cool thing about this build is the optimization of Playing Dirty, Normally this skill avoided for a lot of builds but with the type of weapon we are using this is actually one of the most important skills on this build. With our Class mod we are able to get a total of 7 points into “Playing Dirty” so when we activate this kill skill we get a 105% chance on each shot to shoot an additional projectile, since we are 100+% we are always going to get double the amount of bullets coming out and the One Shotter Amp Shield Allows us to apply the amp damage to both projectiles. Seeing Dead Class Mod allows the skill to reach that percent because the 25% kill skill buff it gives to all of Zane’s Kill Skills and “Death Follows Close” which also gives us a 25% kill skill buff. Normally I believe Playing Dirty can only get to 70% but since we have those kill skill buffs it can go to 105%. Another important piece for this build is to swap off and on the masterwork crossbow so we can have a constant uptime of Cold Bore. Next step, which is the most challenging part, is to run as fast as possible and still be able to hit your skill shots. When starting out with this build I missed 7/10 shots but with enough practice I’m able to hit most shots and it feels really rewarding and fun to do.

Its a ton of fun and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:


just use quadruple crossbows it is a no brainer

i just wished they buffed one pump chump alongside crosbow

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To be fair, One Pump Chump is already better than 90% of sniper rifles . . .

Four crossbows sounds cool but you can just swap between the one you have and another gun lol no need to fill your entire inventory

It is not about the need it is about taking an arrow to the knee

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Crossbow does more damage

I said 90%, Crossbow is in that 10% :wink:


Aww okay sorry buddy

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