One shot mechanics is lazy design

I love that you called a fight with a giant wielding two rocket launchers, “Delicate”!

‘Delicate’ :acmlol:

But yeah, I’m basically making a Blaster documentary, having Fleet Maya rush over to guaranteed spawns and recording them. I must have two hundred recordings by now, easy. Wonder if I can get a grant for that?

I think The Prazma Canon turning up occasionally is what started the popular myth that they can spawn with Norfleets.
Since I’m trying to get close enough to get good video of the various launchers while not getting blown to smithereens, things tend to be a bit hectic - I’d have to look at closeups to see how they aim-adjust, haven’t really thought about it. The reload on pretty much all of them is insane though, including Bandit ones.

I’ve yet to get video of a Topneaa in the wild, although I’m certain I’ve encountered them.
It’s one of the few launchers I actually enjoy using, so I’d like to think I’d spot it at once.

I’m very grateful they’re rare, since the game’s ‘rules’ for ROF seem to apply pretty consistently, while Blasters in general seem to have, I dunno, 99/5 in Ready and Pressure…
Zombie Axton would be green with envy.

Speaking of unique call outs for badass enemies, I heard a new (to me) call out from the ultimate badass fire sorcerer as I was rushing the stairs to get to the Handsome Sorcerer- “Science sucks- magic is cool!” Definitely would let you know to watch out for them…:slight_smile:

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Oh man, all the Sorcerer call outs are gold. My favorite is, “Hocus Pocus, bitch!” :laughing:
I can’t find it now, but I saw a video where a Goliath Blaster was dual wielding Tunguskas. He was in that very first part of Sanctuary Hole, and the player was getting floored. Here’s one with Nukem’s, where it doesn’t seem like he’s compensating for their steep arc.


I was about to reply to VH’s quote but noticed you’d said what I was going to.

My last attempt at a UVHM no death run was halted in Sawtooth because of this. When you drop down you have to take a path through which has doorways all over the place and they spawn very close to you. I was hit and killed instantly with something like a Corrosive Topneaa, and the blast radius is what got me - even though I knew they may spawn in those doors, nothing I could do. I was really mad as you’d imagine. Absolutely nothing I could have done.

In most situations you can use cover or terrain but allowing the enemy to have such devastating weapons which spawn anywhere right next to you makes it a little problematic. But, such is this game and it’s now past change. But lets hope they have more thought for B3.

Nice capture there :acmaffirmative:

…that’s not mine (found it Googling the one where he rocks a pair of Tunguskas, which I never found). I think it was on Reddit?

I think this was.

After many deaths I finally got some good shots, insanely hard to not die…lol

Was good fun stalking him around Sawtooth, but when taking cover the blast radius alone was killing me so i’d have to stay well back behind any object and spam the chain lightning for health as it was a Corrosive Topneaa?

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Man, it’s times like those when I grumble that enemies in BL2 don’t drop what they’re wielding like they do in BL1. :wink:

[quote=“DaRTH_FuRioN, post:28, topic:1545560”]as it was a Corrosive Topneaa?[/quote]Vladof body with an E-Tech barrel - that’s a Topneaa.

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