One Shot Moze, Wedding (Funeral?) Invitation build

I was playing around with Bloodletter and had some fun creating this build around the new Wedding Invitation sniper rifle. This thing destroys! It 1 shots most enemies in Mayhem 4, and many times kills multiple enemies at once :rofl:. If you get the chance, give it a try, it’s a lot of fun and something different for Moze.

i’ve been doing this as well with the headsplosion and the WI. i went the BM way


I know ricochets are splash, but is the Wedding Invite’s initial hit splash as well?

It is not. Though if you hit a crit it’ll create a secondary explosion for 50% damage that is splash.

which build do you have on skill points?

The thing about sniper builds I’ve noticed, is that videos showcasing them rarely, if ever, use Slaughter Shaft or Takedown. Almost always Athenas.

Leads me to the conclusion that they are really not viable for current endgame content; which is largely close quarters, or has large sections thereof.

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I have in progress a similar concept built around the WI and yes, I also use athenas as a testing ground because gives you lots of space and lots of different enemies with different critspots. But you are right, what I can do in Athenas I usually can’t do (as efficiently) in places like the SS. Too many enemies, the arena is too small and the zoom of the WI is just too strong to be used in such conditions. In those cases I use weapons more suited to CqC combat.
Sniping in this game is too situational, which is a shame.

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They definitely are. I made a Moze WI build that I take to Slaughter Shaft all the time. It uses Rocketeer and while I give up a bit of damage choosing that com I find it insanely fun and I still 1 shot most things in there anyways. I just never bothered to share the build.

I do agree Athenas is a poor place to show off any build. It really doesn’t tell you anything, mobs there are insanely easy to kill they don’t have much HP or defense. It is however one of the most fun mobbing maps.

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Athenas is the go-to build testing map. It’s consistent, allows you extra time and space for trial and error, and gives you a variety of enemy difficulty. If you can 1-shot a Heavyweight, I’d say that’s a good indicator that you can 1-shot anything else in the game.

Athenas is also much closer in difficulty to the majority of other maps and missions in the game than slaughter shaft. Sniper builds, in general, work great for shield/flesh enemies. Get an armored enemy and you can bet you’re going to struggle. Which is unfortunate really. I think there should be an exception for sniper rifles. Damage should be linear against both shields and armor, if not increased a bit.

I’ve never heard of Athenas being the go to testing map.

It’s an ordered, linear map with predictable paths and enemy spawns.

For a build to be seriously considered by the community at large, Slaughter Shaft and Takedown have been the standard… Because they are the hardest things to complete. If you can beat them, anything else in the game is likely trivial.

If I’m doing early testing of a potential build, I’ll do Slaughterstar. If it functions there, I’ll move to Slaughter Shaft, where there are a lot more badass enemies, and more triple layers of health: shields, armor, flesh. If it’s functional there, I’ll try Takedown.

Athenas is one of the easier parts of the game in my opinion. I think it’s a well built map, i like it a lot, it’s super fun… But I would never call it the go to map for testing.


I’m with tentacle cat on this one. Star, shaft, takedown. Athenas is for one shotting doors.


Never did I say it was the best or the standard for the rest of the game. No one said a build HAS to be able to complete slaughter shaft.

Yes, if I wanted to brag and tell everyone how amazing my build is, I would use the Takedown. Slaughter shaft is not difficult.

You said “Athenas is the go to map for testing builds”.

I don’t think that’s true for the majority of the community.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: How are you feeling today, sir? I hope very well!

I use Athenas as my very first preliminary test to check weapon effects, or to see if synergies I think up are doing what I want them to.

But as an actual test for a final build? No.


Maybe if you are 1-shotting the body. But a critical hit on the tank doesn’t take much damage to blow up and does not come close to comparing the damage needed to 1 shot a triple bar in SS.

SS and Takedown and other Trials are the end game. Athenas is close in difficulty to story runs sure but if you want a build that can do end game stuff Athenas is a horrible comparison. Places like Cunning/Fervor/Circles/MT etc these are places that can show off how strong a build is.

100% agree that this is no comparison for a triple bar enemy. I wouldn’t want to torture myself with 5-6 successful crit shots on an enemy with armor. If mobbing, and you have multiple stacks of Phalanx, 1 shot is possible.

The Anvil is more suitable than athenas tbh

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People get a bit carried away with their opinions on builds, I’m guilty myself. Clearly worded in the first post is that I was messing around with builds, not taking it all that seriously, and found an effective 1-shot build. Never made claims that it would handle Takedown or Slaughter Shaft. Simply just said most enemies in the game.

I sometimes take a trip through Konrad’s Hold as well