One-Shotter triple amp shield?

I’ve been doing some reading tonight and I’ve read multiple people compare the One-Shotter shield with triple amp in comparison to the Bee from BL2. If so, is it as hard to get as everyone is saying or is there a dedicated drop? Or does anyone even know? I’d like to get one and try it out if anyone has any to get rid of. I have a longggggg list of (All legendary) things I would be willing to trade.

Also, would the one-shotter even be good for Amara? Since she’s not really a brute Force but more of an elemental force. Or should that even matter??

It’s not a legendary, “one shotter” is the name of epic (purple) shield with triple amp, as such they can be only be obtained randomly from world drop or vending machines which is the best method. Shield with 3 of the same property are very rare.

I don’t see any problem using it with Amara though I think Zane is probably better suited with his various shield recharge options and his barrier, beside you don’t really need amp to get good damage with Amara