One simple trick doctors won't tell you to add TONS of endgame content to borderlands 3!

Hey guys what’s up! This will kind of be a short post, but I actually think this is a great idea that could be a simple change to adding a TON of end game content to this game. I’ll talk about a couple other things that would be more work and would definitely be awesome. But this one change could bring some life into current maps that don’t get visited enough.

Now the thing is this idea isn’t even mine. It’s already in the game and was implemented by the devs! And it’s a great thing that should be implemented in many other places in the game to add more engaging end game content. And that is the Maliwan Takedown. Before you start the takedown you have an option to turn on true takedown mode. It is one simple switch that turns the game from easy mode to hard mode. Currently, Maliwan Takedown in True Takedown Mode is the only place where a ‘viable endgame build’ is pretty much tested against. Unless you have a simple bossing build, but you get what I’m saying. The slaughter shaft also provides a meaningful mobbing challenge, but we all know that true takedown in the maliwan takedown has the toughest enemies, badasses, and bosses in the game.

So give an option to turn on 4 player scaling in all of the proving grounds and circles of slaughters. Now I do have to say that I think the bosses at the end of proving grounds could all be made into fun engaging ‘raid boss’ experience. And that will remain missing from this equation. BUT at least adding the lever to turn on 4 player scaling, could make these proving grounds and CoS VERY FUN. It could also be really cool to see something like the cartel event include this lever.

I made another post about the game mechanics and fighting loops that were great about the cartel. And that it is only missing a raid boss at the end to turn it from a fun event, to a true mayhem filled experience. But that is asking for a lot, where I think asking for a true takedown switch to turn on 4 player scaling in the same event, could be an easy change that would also please a lot of other people looking for meaningful end game experiences!

So yah, I do want to say one more time ADD MORE RAID BOSSES TO THE GAME.

But, adding true takedown switch all over the place could be good too :).


We tried to push it back in January with the TTD scaling but fell on deaf ears. :confused:

Edit: Added Poll

Add True mode to the Events/Trials/Slaughter like the Takedowns.
  • Yes, True mode them up please!
  • No, don’t! (pls state reason in comments)

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I would like to see this happen and have it include them NOT nerfing Mayhem 2.0 (for this mode only) because I would like to continue experiencing GBX’s vision of difficulty untainted by the joyless ppl’s demands. :grin:


I agree, that would be insanity and fun.

Also, add circle of slaughter and proving grounds to DLC please! For variety sake!

Imagine Hyperion slaughter inside the casino with a new Innuendobot.


watching streamers and youtubers play circle of slaughter or proving grounds in dlc’s would help sell more dlc

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Dlcs are missing their own slaughters.

Dlc 1 needs its own mini raidboss or something.

Most zane ppl bought the season pass just for seeing dead. Ppl tried to get it sent to them now its locked if u dont have the dlc.

Like epic game store if its offline u cant acess the dlc and ur items are locked out if theyre from dlc. Weird i know.

Yeah they need to bring back the seraph type raids again also. Maybe crystals and a shop. I miss that. Each dlc different shops and loot.


Zane ppl are either clairvoyant and somehow knew that Seeing Dead will be available in DLC1 or they have too much money (you only need DLC1 for that COM, not entire season pass).


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I bought this game on the sole premise that Moze will be entirely problem free in the hotfix shortly after DLC4!


Love the idea, it got my vote!

Good clickbait title, was not disappointed, 10/10 Gearbox put it in. I’d really like to see this option once mayhem mode is fine-tuned for gear viability. My Star Helix is begging to be used for this kind of challenge.

id actually like to straight up have a 4 player scaling mode in the menu.


Came for the title, liked for the post.

Btw, not sure if my game could handle any more enemies in Trial of Fervor with Cartel active.

Where in the world did you get this information?

i still hate it that gearbox decided to combine the peak and raid boss into one called takedown.

i want to skip directly to wotan.

GREAT idea!

They could also spice it up by adding a new weapon or piece of gear as a reward and rotate it around the various endgame areas.

6 PGs and 3 Slaughters= 9 new weapons…and make them GOOD weapons or gear…not run of the mill stuff. And the reward would be guaranteed on every completion like the Moxxi reward at the end of the BL 2 slaughters. And make it in addition to the normal drops…not exclusive.

Oh and have I mentioned: ADD MORE RAID BOSSES TO THE GAME!

There was sales. And also forum post about items not working. Dlc locked.

**They made forum post, patch notes. **
Most people saw how good seeing dead was simply by watching… Youtube. Its in almost every zane build thats shreds op etc.

They got their seeing dead by other players and even on this forum.

So yeah lil after steam release. During corona on certain sites we saw discounts. Season pass is always cheaper. During sales

Ppl have talked about it here. They literally didnt think the dlcs were worth buying yet. They got locked outta their seeing dead traded to em.

Point was to point out the dlc wasnt attractive enough for some ppl to buy. Recently u were forced to buy the dlc as your seeing dead wont work. If u dont own the dlc
Theres been sales since corona hit everyone all platforms.

They gotta make it more worthwhile for players to buy it like op suggest.

Yes. 4-player-mode switch for all CoS and Trials.

Yes, more Raid bosses. I loved all the raid bosses in BL2 and the most disappointing element of BL3’s content is the lack of raid bosses.

No, do not nerf enemy scaling in 2.0.

Yes, do re-balance the pre-2.0 items so that at least some of them deal reasonably comparable damage to the new items.

EDIT: I mean that I loved the options available for raid bossing in BL2. Not that I loved all the bosses themselves (go jump off a cliff, Master Gee).

14 paragraphs later… :laughing:

I don’t know, Trial of Fervor with the cartel event on is pretty difficult already. Lol.

But anyway, one suggestion I’ve made in the past is an option to turn on four player difficulty world wide. Having this option for trials and cos would be a nice in between.

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This suggestion is a bit strange, because there is currently backlash about how difficult the higher Mayhem levels are. So much that they are going to reduce the health/shield/armor bonuses in Mayhem 7+ in an upcoming patch. So to ask for more health/shield/armor again is odd.

Hiding the challenge between a toggle is fine, but I don’t know if how many people are going to use that especially since there isn’t much incentive to do so.

Not just asking for extra health, shield, armor. Asking for more enemy spawns as well. My main point is that this game kind of lacks end game content, so adding in TTD switch all over the place would add more endgame content.

Also yes, the current health/shield/armor bonuses are messed up, but that’s because they create a powercreep situation where old weapons were not balanced around it, and new weapons were. Think back to old mayhem 4 while I make this suggestion and it makes a lot more sense.

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