One-Stop Shopping

I’m on Xbox, and I have a bunch of stuff to trade. Before we get to that, here’s what I’m looking for:

  1. Recurring (cryo) Hex with +25% OGT anointment
  2. shock resist Stop Gap with bullet absorb and 20% AS cooldown on ASE
  3. “God roll” Seein’ Dead COM (obviously, I’m reaching a bit here, but it doesn’t hurt to ask)
    Donnybrook +4/+5
  • 25% weapon damage (it absolutely must have this)
  • SMG damage
  • mag capacity or AS cooldown

(If you have any of these, I’d be willing to trade multiple items for them.)

Ok, here’s what I have to trade, organized for easier reference. Everything listed is anointed, unless otherwise noted, with plenty of variety to meet numerous build needs. If you’re interested in something, please refer to it by category and number.

A. Weapons

  1. shock AutoAime (100% damage on ASE)
  2. incendiary AutoAime (100% damage on ASE)
  3. corrosive AutoAime (50% cryo damage on SNTNL)
  4. non-element AutoAime (50% damage < 25% health)
  5. shock ASMD (50% damage < 25% health)
  6. corrosive Queen’s Call (12% ammo regen on Digi-Clone)
  7. incendiary Crossroads (100% cryo damage on SNTNL)
  8. corrosive Binary Cutsman (50% radiation damage for next 2 mags on ASE)
  9. corrosive Sleeping Giant (50% radiation damage for next 2 mags on ASE)
  10. non-element Jackhammer (100% damage on ASE)
  11. cryo Faisor (11% fire rate/26% reload speed on ASE)
  12. incendiary Lucian’s Call (50% corrosive damage for next 2 mags on ASE)
  13. shock Rebel Yell (100% cryo damage on SNTNL)
  14. radiation Star Helix (9% fire rate/23% reload on SNTNL)
  15. shock Star Helix (50% status effect chance on Barrier)
  16. incendiary Slow Hand (50% status effect chance on Barrier)
  17. incendiary Polybius (5% weapon damage/reload speed per kill)
  18. radiation Spooling Recursion (50% shock damage for next 2 mags on ASE)
  19. non-element Scourge (100% cryo damage on SNTNL)
  20. shock/corrosive Westergun (100% damage on ASE)
  21. cryo/corrosive Devoted (5% weapon damage/reload speed per kill)
  22. incendiary Long Musket (5% weapon damage/reload speed per kill)
  23. incendiary Hellwalker (5% weapon damage/reload speed per kill)
  24. corrosive Laser Sploider (50% cryo damage for next 2 mags on ASE)
  25. corrosive Breath of the Dying (60% accuracy and 30% critical damage on Barrier)
  26. incendiary Krakatoa (100% damage on ASE)
  27. non-element Cheap Tips (60% accuracy and 30% critical damage on Barrier)
  28. incendiary Alchemist (125% splash damage on ASE)
  29. shock AAA (50% cryo damage for next two mags on ASE)

B. Shields

  1. shock resist Front Loader (recharge on Barrier)
  2. shock resist Raid Ward (recharge on Barrier)
  3. Health Rerouter (20% AS cooldown on ASE)
  4. Rough Rider (20% AS cooldown on ASE)
  5. corrosive resist Scrappy Big Boom Blaster (13% damage reduction on ASE)
  6. radiation resist Breathing Room Band of Sitorak (5% health regen on ASE, + weapon damage and knock back on depletion)
  7. corrosive resist Multivitamin Band of Sitorak (non-anointed, +50% health, + weapon damage on depletion)
  8. radiation resist Aegis Stop Gap (50% corrosive damage on ASE)
  9. Transformer (nova on exit Fade Away)
  10. Barricaded Stop Gap (50% cryo damage on ASE)

C. Artifacts/Relics

  1. Atom Balm Otto (+17% SMG damage, +25% melee damage, 149 health regen)
  2. Knife Drain Commander Planetoid (33% AoE damage, 14% reload speed, 27% shock chance)
  3. Knife Drain Victory Rush (+33% AoE damage, +1487 health, +29% cryo resist)
  4. Snowdrift White Elephant (+23% elemental resist, +1666 shield, +16% cryo damage)
  5. Last Stand Safeguard (+17% SMG damage, +16% cryo damage, +29% incendiary resist)

D. Grenades

  1. incendiary Epicenter (50% incendiary on ASE)
  2. Cloning Hunter-Seeker (50% shock on ASE)
  3. shock Quasar (regen 1 grenade on ASS)

E. (Operative) Class Mods

  1. Dastardly Seein’ Dead
    (VV3/PD1/DB1, 25% Hyperion reload speed, 31% SMG damage, 31% heavy weapon damage)
  2. Seein’ Dead
    (VV1/PD3/DB1, 31% SMG damage, 30% grenade damage, 10% Torgue damage)
  3. Dastardly Cheap Shot Seein’ Dead
    (VV2/PD2/DB1, 27% grenade radius, 28% splash damage, 24% magazine size)
  4. Seein’ Dead
    (VV1/PD0/DB4, 149 health regen, 50% Torgue weapon accuracy, 31% pistol damage)
  5. Dastardly Seein’ Dead
    (VV3/PD1/DB1, 31% AR damage, 1666 shield capacity, 32% accuracy)
  6. Zippy Cold Warrior
    (TotL1/Synch3/RFA1, 24% magazine size, 50% Maliwan accuracy, 1487 health)
  7. Lucky Unsporting Executor
    (VV1/PD2/GM2, 10% Jakobs damage, 31% AS cooldown, 30% grenade damage)
  8. Serendipitous Unsporting Executor
    (VV0/PD2/GM3, 31% shotgun damage, 19% shield recharge rate, 20% weapon reload speed)
  9. Treacherous Visceral Executor
    (VV2/PD3/GM0, 25% weapon damage, 31% sniper rifle damage, 10% Jakobs damage)

If you have a question, post it here. If you have something I’m looking for but I don’t have anything you’re interested in, please PM me - I might be able to find it. I’ll add to this list as I continue to farm the DLC, so please check back periodically.

EDIT: list updated 2/1

Hello, I don’t think I have any of the things you are looking for but I am really interested in the cryo lucians call with the sntl annoint (A-15) and the transformer with the cryo on ase(B-3)Could I persuade you to trade for a Maggie with the sntl cryo annoint and bekah with 125% to badass on ase (could be used for good trades since it’s pretty tough to find) or possibly it’s piss grenades with on throw do dmg/ corrosive on ase, or any other transformer with dmg on ase(I have all other elements except cryo.

I’d be interested in your Maggie with 50% cryo on SNTNL, sure. I’ve been wanting to get one, but it keeps getting bumped down to the bottom of my list since I tend to use SMGs/ARs more often.

I’ll be on for a couple more hours today, but then I won’t be back until afternoonish on the 26th. My gamer tag is above. If I don’t hear from you before then, have a Merry Christmas!

Ghast call cannot come anointed

Sounds good man I’m at work right now and I’m not sure if I will be on today at all but I will add ya and I will send as soon as I get a chance. Merry Xmas.

Thanks. I updated my list to reflect that.

Hey man I just noticed the incendiary redistributer (a-1)on your list. I’ve been looking for one with that annointment. Anything else I could send you for that one

That’s actually in my list of stuff I’m looking for, not the stuff that I have to trade. A1 is the shock AutoAime.

Lol whoops sorry man I didn’t scroll up far enough

Just sent over the Maggie, bekah and it’s piss

I sent you both items via in-game mail. Please confirm you got them. I also sent back your Bekah since I wasn’t really looking for that. Hope you enjoy the Lucian’s and Transformer.

Thanks man, I will check

All good buddy, thank ya

List updated.

Hey man would you take a it’s piss grenade with corrosive on ase and one with 25% damage on throw for b-5 and b-8

I already have two. But if you get your hands on an incendiary Redistributor with 50% cryo on SNTNL, preferably with a decent mag size, I’d trade you a few things for that.

I have a lot of what your looking for just message me and I’m down to make a deal
GT: AZZBlood4Fun

Thanks for the Ion Cannon, and enjoy the shield!

List updated.

Ty man I’ll try and find the rest of the stuff for ya

List updated.