One thing i hope gbx never duplicates

the awful mission to kill felicity.

on second playthrough, i still nearly vomit doing it. i despised it the first time.

who let this kind of sadism through as a plot line? you might as well include a killing children next.

Are you serious?

Crisis Scar through to the end of the Robot Production Plant is my favourite part of the game!

Felicity is a bit self-contradictory, yes, but lots of great dialogue, plenty of vendors / chests, intense combat, great farming runs, plenty of Scavs to kill…

Even waiting for Jack to finish talking to Gladstone Katoa in Titan Industrial isnt that bad…make a sandwich! Check your twitter! Take a washroom break!

In your opinion, what is so terrible about it?


You just mean cuz you feel bad killing her!

Yeah, fair enough!

Well, that’s ■■■■■■■ Jack for you!

And the new, soulless, mercenary Vault Hunters!

Clappy was programmed to blindly obey and not feel guilt, Wilhelm was a cyber-enhancement addict, Nisha is, well, Nisha, Athena does anything for money, Timothy was under company orders / indentured servitude, and Aurelia becomes disgusted by what Jack makes her do!

You know it’s bad when Wilhelm feels a moment of remorse.


Wilhelm is actually the only character i have yet to properly play with!

When does his moment of remorse occur?

After the fact he mentions that he feels kind of bad about killing the AI. Then he shrugs it off that maybe he is just jealous of her robotic armor (or something along those lines).

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Cool, thanks!

Once i get my Clappy through TVHM here in a couple days, I’ll be picking things up with my Willy, who I started months ago but left sitting at level 9…

Wilhelm is a blast to play (and funny). You should have fun with him.

I am very much looking forward to it!

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Wow, I suggest you don’t play spec ops: the line

Also, Felicity attacked us. And I was done feeling sorry for her after all the whining from a military goddamn AI that doesn’t want to be put to military use. After we agree to free her in exchange for her working for us. Unprofessional dummy.

Third, games that induce strong feelings are cool imo. Before I looked too closely at it (see above) I loved this mission, added a lot to the story.

4th: some of us like being evil in games. The sadism is exactly makes it appealing, (same goes for Nisha’s character)

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in my opinion if something in a game can stir up such feelings like you have for it then its succeeded.


It’s a bit of a duplicate of the “Clan Wars” quest from BL2, in which you take an uneasy truce and basically massacre both sides. Whether we get another such quest depends on the writer(s) for the next game, I suppose. Both did seem very Burchian, to coin a phrase.


Is it bad that I felt this?

That’s not completely true. He felt extreme remorse for killing her. He’s one of the few characters in the universe with an actual conscious that wants to actually try to make things better. Actually, he’s the only one left since Angel and Roland are dead.


No, no it isn’t.

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The Clappy remorse situation is weird; he WANTED to feel, and knew he should, but was simply…unable…to do so.

He was developing a conscience despite being programmed otherwise…

You shouldn’t feel sorry for Felicity: it’s an A.I.
Its advanced systems are tricking you and they just want to make you feel bad about your actions.
Otherwise, Felicity may have ended trying to rule over the world, as most evolved A.I.s try to do at the end of the day :stuck_out_tongue:

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So let me get this right…

You had no issue killing anything humanoid or animal until you had to kill a series of 1’s and 0’s who in fact you don’t actually kill.

I actually had to check that this wasn’t posted on April 1st…

I despair for humanity!

Robot Production Plant is like raid mode.

Vorago Solitude is the worst, i hate the dahl mutator soldiers.

This kind of stuff happens in real life. Like environmentalists who put spikes in trees so that lumberjacks can’t cut them down, and then the chainsaw bounces back and the lumberjack ends up dying from being cut up by his own chainsaw. Humans care less about other humans than they do plant or animal life.

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to be fair compared to everything else on the planet we are really really really ■■■■■■.