One thing i noticed after coming back

I remember last year when i played this game all i ever did was run into premade after premade after premade.


Nowadays I notice I dont fight 5 man premades anymore.

Was this a change? If so thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU

I am finally able to win lots of games in a row, and the games are MUCH MUCH MUCH more fair and fun.

I want to give a huge thank you to the devs for finally fixing that problem. KUDOS <3

I am so glad these guys cant go stomp new players like they used to. IMO that was one of the biggest reasons this game witnessed such an incredible loss of player population. FOR me personally it was the main reason I left last year.

Just wanna say keep up the good work devs, yall are doing a great job.



I’m glad your happy but keep in mind the five man premades that stomp noobs are usually a group of five friends playing the game and having fun. The premades get such a bad reputation.


I understand. i am glad they can have fun as friends.

But in a game like this its kinda (actually… its VERY VERY VERY VERYYYYYYYYYY) hard for a team of 5 random guys with no synergy or mic communication to beat a team of 5, all micd up with strategies and more.

I hope they can have fun fighting other 5 man teams, should be more fun for them anyway. i imagine winning every game in 3 mins must get old after awhile.

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In a perfect world (when the battleborn population is higher) there will be a 5v5 queue for premades only.


There wasn’t really a fix to this problem, it’s just premades being more newbie-friendly because they don’t want to play against the same 10 people all the time.


that would be dope.

if they had that i would actually want to be a part of it.

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Nothing was changed. 5 mans are still a thing, you just haven’t gotten the chance to run into them yet because of all the new players.


@chodespode were you still around when GB hid the CR ranks and Premade Bars?
Right now you can only assume (or know from past experiences) that your running against a premade.


Not necessarily. As harsh as it may sound, being in a pre-made doesn’t inherently mean you’re a skilled player. I duo quite a bit with @Ashbweh where we’re off-mic and can still pull off synergies which would otherwise require mics, or seemingly so at least.

Same goes with other experienced players. Played with @ShadowHaven & Nova yesterday, none of us were on mic but were still able to synergise well with each other and cover each other’s backs.


I can confirm that. I always play without a mic with my mates but we’ve played so many matches together we always know what the other ones are gonna do.

You play on PS4. Your username is very familiar. I’ve played against you several times.

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Imo the issue isn’t a mic, it’s whether or not your team can work as a team.

If everyone is scattered around doing their own thing they probably aren’t going to win but if the team groups up and plays like a team then they have a huge advantage.

A mic doesn’t create unity and going without a mic doesn’t make you disorganized.

A mic can make your team more likely to help each other but good players will help each other regardless.

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Like the first time i saw this kelvin main. I saved all my skills to follow up every single stun.

There are players who spam their skills without thinking as there are kelvins who only use sublimate to escape without stunning…


You got yourself a bad Kelvin right there. Lol

Am I at least a decent Kelvin main?


i had the honor of going against you a number of times. your kelvin is an ice golem to be reckoned with.


Thank you!

Who do you main? What’s your​ PSN if you don’t mind me asking? Any memorable moments?

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i still see premades… but the only ones ive seen r 2 ppl max.

ambra and psn lemonadecrysta82, as for memorable moments let’s just say you stunned, body blocked, and chomped me (in that order) enough for me to be cautious.

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Sorry, I tend to do that.

I can attest to this

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