One thing I've learned playing support/healers

This game desperately needs my team mates icons with their health bars on the side of my screen. Hard to keep track of when the mates need heals


Agreed. Not to beat a dead horse here, but Overwatch has a mechanic where if you play a healer and someone is low, they come up on your screen as critical. Also, you can see allies through walls and get an estimate of their health based on the color of their silhouette. I think GB needs to add this.

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Interesting. I wonder about maybe having a critical indicator come up on the minimap instead of having stuff on the side of the screen all the time. There’s so much going on visually, I’d prefer not to introduce more clutter.

well you can see the health bars of everyone on your team, both in pvp and pve aand you can see their silhouettes through terrain. But I will very much agree that it a health bar system like borderlands would make be very much appreciated

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I feel the same. I’ve had this idea as well. I play healer/support a lot and it’s nice to know when someone might need me. It could also help if you’re a tank or dps so you could know where to go to get aggro off teammates.

No way, UI is noisy enough. Part of the art of playing support is having eyes on your teammates, even when they’re off screen. #communicate


More like #hardcoreallthetime #saynotoqualityoflife #idontunderstandthatcommunicationisntalwaysavailablewithrandoms


While I see why healthbars arranged like stated above would be practical, I think theres also a big downside.

Imagine everytime a teammate is low on health the “critical” icon pops up. You may be not in range to save him, swarmed my minions(PvE) or simply not able to heal him in time. But everyone will blame “the stupid healer” in case of any death no matter circumstances.
Why? Because “The healer even has this helping icon/sign, is he blind? He should know what to do! Blablabla…”

Already now many (most melee) teammates just go crazy if a healer/support is on board. Why stick together or have tactic? “We´ve a Miko, she shall solve any occuring problem!”
And then its Mikos fault when Rath & Phoebe die when they go into battlefield reckless…

Also THIS! ^ Its part of the challenging role as support. Its hard and sometimes nasty, but it is what this class has to do.

PS: Yes it would be a “quality-of-life feature” ,but only so long until every other class passes the blame onto the supporters, which have this exta-feature helping them to support.


Make the healthbars toggleable, if you don’t want that info then that’s fine just don’t turn it on, but it definitely needs to be in the game.


And that is what I don’t understand. An icon + HP meter is noisy while looking at all the teammates, going to them, doing support is alright. Yeah, right.

For me the UI is not nearly noisy, it’s more of ascetic. Many things could be added.

If they aren’t going to show an indicator of team health, then they need to at least allow a wider field of view on console so we don’t have tunnel vision.

Nope. Support’s main role is to support, not to deal with unsuitable UI. Many MMO games even have complex and functional mods/addons for healers and supports.

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Very much agree. Make it a toogleable UI option.

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It’s a pain. Especially when team mates are running past you getting out of a fight with 50 hp and yelling at you but they’re jumping around you trying to stay alive…

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Am I mistaken or do players with low health appear with blinking icons on minimap? And can’t you see teammates health bars through walls already?

I disagree. You can already see your teammate’s health bars through walls. All a healing specific UI would be do is serve as a crutch for poor players. The bar for being a successful support character is low enough.

Just so I’m clear: #nocrutches #stoploweringthebar #communicationisnothard

Having a healing specific UI in a WoW style raid is one thing. I used one in 40 man raids and later 25 man raids but in 10 and 5 man raids/dungeons it was complete overkill, doubly so for PVP.

It isn’t that hard to follow the health of 4 other Battleborn when you can see their healthbars through walls. Friendly Battleborn also appear on your minimap so you even know which direction to look. There are plenty of assets at hand. Also a healing UI that would allow you to auto target friendly Battleborn through the UI would be an unfair advantage in PVP. If DPS has to target manually so does support.


Just an option you can toggle if you want your team mates icons on your hud or not. I don’t see why given that option would be a big deal

I would enjoy having it in my ui. I use it in Warframe and I feel it would be a nice feature for those that would want it in Battlborn.

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I do agree that the hud is cluttered enough and there is a lot constantly going on screen all the time. But maybe you don’t need every team mates icon on your screen. Maybe if there is an option to toggle them on/off, maybe there would be a way to put 1 or 2 mates icons on your screen. But think of all the responses, I’m glad to see what the community’s opinion on this :sunglasses:

…Agree. I’ve apologized numerous times to teammates because I can’t very easily tell if they need help.
If I get picked on as Alani, who I maxed pretty quickly, I say: Sorry but I’m not a Pro at this. :blush: