One thing they got right in TPS

Even though I enjoy the Cryo addition over slag.
I really like the stingray over the moon buggy. And wouldn’t mind at all if they put it in BL 3 some way. Once you get the hang of it , you can take all kinds of short cuts with it.
edit…stingray instead of moon zoomy

Out of all the BL games I only liked the wheeled vehicles. All the floaty ones can burn in a firey pit.

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I feel that the Stingray, along with the Pirate’s Booty and Big Game Hunt’s vehicles are more enjoyable to drive with the why Borderlands does vehicles. I don’t think any vehicles should go away if coding and time permits, but I would love to see at least one vehicle in the base game that works like the Stingray.

uhhhmmm the moon zoomy is the station and the moon buggy is the vehicle. you mean you like the stingray over the buggy? if you meant stingray i agree, the only thing i dont like about it is it can be a pain to pick up items on the ground and the jump to pickle occasionally. the buggy isnt that bad, go back to borderlands 2 and try the vehicles there. the buggy isnt that different.

I definitely prefer the Stingray over the buggy but it’s still got some weird issues that can make it annoying to navigate with, but that’s really UE3’s fault with it’s terrible vehicle physics.

Though I’ve got to say that the name “Moon Zoomy” annoys me for some reason and the more I hear it, the more I hate it.

To pick up stuff on the ground you can slam down on it. You may need to boost a bit first. To make any jump without a good ramp easy, do the boost + slam + boost move beforehand. In more detail, boost until you use up about half your boost bar, then slam and immediately boost again. You’ll soar at least twice as high as normal, if you do it right.

I love the Stingray. I agree it’s terrific once you learn how to use it right.

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i know all that :smiley: sometimes you just have that unlucky jump tho :weary:

Really? Of all the things, you picked THAT? The buggy and outrunner are more or less the same.

  • low gravity is fantastic
  • laser/freeze weapons were great
  • grinder was a fresh twist
  • luneshine could have been a fantastic idea except for the fact the updates it offers provides nearly nothing to the player. 5% increase in grenade damage? 9 extra XP points? whoopie!
  • better weapon of the day options in the vending machines were a plus despite often being way out of reach for the player as far as costs go.
  • some of the plot was pretty poorly done but at the end of the day it was a nice fit into the BL series with the exception of how Jack’s face got scarred up; very lame.
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I really don’t enjoy the vehicles in TPS.

There are two that are great: 30% chance to ignore shields, and some amount of critical damage increase.

I agree with most of your thoughts…except the grindemr In my own opinion I just don’t get the excitement of using grinder for legendary’s.I love seeing an orange drop from any mob or boss.For me it’s not as gratifying as just a RnG drop…

Your correct on the stingray…Was at work when posted, & couldn’t think of the vehicle name…
Must be losing my mind !!!

Ignore shields is the only one that seems any good. And since getting it on a weapon you want is random within random, I think my time is better spent elsewhere in the game. I just don’t bother going after luneshine in any way. When it happens in passing, bonus!

Oh yeah did get the shield one but it was lower chance than that. Overall I still think it had greater potential than what we got for it. I suppose getting too high of perks would negate the point of getting legendary weapons though.

TPS got a lot right really. If it was a DLC it would be the best DLC ever but there is the problem it’s not.

we got at least one more coming! theyd really have screw it up for it to be bad.