One time drop uniques (Spoilers for misc objective 100% rewards?)

Wondering if there is a way to re-aquire certain items on TVHM that are one time rewards for certain things, for example some of the unique weapons Hammerlock sends you from the hunts which are levelled (and thus low levelled after ones first playthrough) and more notably the Bekah, or Lyuda for the full hammerlock hunt and target of opportunity completion?

Seeing as when starting TVHM all misc objectives, typhon logs, et al are in whatever state you left them on your first playthrough, and all have a special 100% completion reward weapon.

Would very much like to get level 50 version of those guns unless i have to start and complete another lv 50 character in order to get them D: (Which ill do, probably but, ya know, pain in the dick)

The worst part is apparently you can get these weapons with different parts too. This is especially troublesome with the Bekah as it can come with either a horrific iron sight I absolutely loathe or a scope which is universally better due to the nature of it being a DMR style weapon. Both of mine have come with iron sights (Moze and Zane) which makes me very very angry tbh.