One time legendaries. Wtf

I still haven’t played through the whole game once yet, so I honestly don’t know yet: Do we have a proper Second Playthrough like on the other games, where you start the whole game over again and have to repeat all the quests? 'Cuz that’s usually how I expect to get an End Game Level version of those Quest Reward Weapons. :man_shrugging:

I think once they’ve been unlocked add them to your world drop pool.


so what your telling me is they cant be farmed over and over for best varients and in maybe few month time after next dlc with level cap rise they be pointless junk items by sounds of it ? sounds like 2k are just more interested in fixing other stuff then stuff people want fixed as would love ability to level up ghast call as love grenade but probly never get that option also wont have chance to refarm that grenade since event was timed…


I just wish they would SAY SOMETHING about what they intended with these things. Do they have ANY plans (long-term or not) to allow people to somehow get new versions of these? Right now I have only finished a couple of these crew challenges on one character because I want to wait until the real, no fooling, serious max level to get them. Would be nice to know for sure if that was necessary (to obtain a max level item) or not…


well, i am pretty sure, we are not the first people in the first game to complain about that
didnt get changed in bl2 or other games

i keep adding this to a list we want GB to fix/add :smiley:
keep posting your ideas and findings so they hopefully fly onto GB’s radar (like a lot of things they seemed to pick up on)

QoL changes list/topic


If the difference between different versions of weapons was relatively minor, items with a single chance to drop would be a bit less aggravating. If you don’t play endgame, maybe you don’t need an anointment, but the difference between a good anointment and none is absolutely massive. My current Moze build, for example, uses Mind Sweeper and can keep the 160% explosive damage up constantly as long as there are enemies to kill. With 35% bonus splash damage on a COM, this means the anointed gun does ~218% of the damage than the vanilla version does. Even if you use Blast Master, the anointed one still does 168% of the vanilla version. Frankly it is often the difference between a weapon being end game viable or not.

That doesn’t even take into account the level cap increases. This actively encourages people to avoid completing content if there is a specific one-time weapon you want. It is no surprise people save scum and trade duped items to get things like Wedding Invitations (which we can’t get max level anymore) or Bekah. Personally, I agree with the idea of adding items like this to the loot pool upon completing the prerequisite tasks. This isn’t just for people copy-pasting builds - which to be clear, there is nothing wrong with. Giving us a legit way to farm these kinds of items opens up more build diversity for people who want to experiment, and lets people who just want to play the game without obsessing over build details a way to get them.


After I finish Handsome Jackpot again, I’ll probably end up restarting a new run just to get those one time items. If I have to backup a save to get a good roll on a pearl, I’ll do it. I made the mistake of not doing it the first time. :frowning:

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The Wedding Invitation is the reason that I found this post and thread. I was hoping they would add it, Scoville, and Ember’s to some sort of loot pool. I play Fl4k and my anoint for my Scoville and WI were both for Amara. The WI was my fav sniper and even ran with it well into level 57…it’s just too bad that I’ll have to wait until the event drops again next year.

Oh. Wasn’t the Hellwalker initially a Halloween event drop only? I don’t remember :man_shrugging:


I still have the event open to redeem the WI in the hope that they fix the scaling and have it drop at lvl57 M10 :wink:

I posted pretty much this same rant after the game had been out about 2 weeks for the Bekah legendary jakobs AR. Granted that was still extreme early days so it didn’t get much traction really, but clearly this is something they do not care about for console players. Also it’s exponentially worse now because even if you did relevel an entire other character to max, it wouldn’t even scale to mayhem 2.0 currently so it’s sadly like many other things in the game atm completely useless. Bekah was my fav weapon in BL2 just because I’m a jakobs guy through and through and AR’s are despite being terrible in BL2 were my favorite weapons and it broke my heart to know that I really didn’t have a legit shot at getting a great version of it on console no matter what I did :frowning:

This is kind of the story of BL3 in a nutshell for me personally. They’ve stacked the deck so insanely against you as a player it really feels hopeless that you will get what you want. The longer you play, the worse it gets for me personally too. Leaves you feeling really lousy about the game tbh. The currently horrendous state of the game right now is definitely weighing heavy on me too as I haven’t played since the previous hotfix because I just didn’t see the point anymore. It’s really sad when you want to play a game and a dev seemingly goes out of its way to make it as hard as possible.

I know it’s not a legendary, but Miss Moxxi’s Vibra Pulse is also a once-per-character reward (from the Crimson Radio crew challenges).

My complaint isn’t about one time only (though I’d prefer to be able to farm), given as another person said it’s the same with mission rewards across all BL games. My frustration with items such as the Embers Purge, Bekah, Vibra Pulse, etc. is we are not told they are one time things or that they would be rewards in the first place). With mission rewards it’s obvious it’s a one time thing and with side missions you can postpone doing them (I don’t like how this game doesn’t even let you know what the reward will be–in BL2 you could see before you accepted the mission that you’d get a sniper, pistol, head, etc. for completing the mission and what color it would be). I remember completing the challenge for Hammerlock then getting a level 47 Bekah–I was pissed b/c I didn’t even know there was a reward, then all of the sudden it’s level 47.

For my other characters I’ve completely avoided completing the hunts/radio towers/DLC 1 challenges until we know the final level cap (and even then, who knows b/c BL2 added 8 levels years after release).

So I wish GB would just be more upfront about these things so we can plan ahead (whether that’s postpone getting a reward or make a backup save before completing so we can get the version we want).

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Oh my god, that fibber farm…

I remember that vividly. That issue was so much worse in bl2. You had the pimpernel, the sandhawk, the grog nozzle etc.

The thing that makes it worse is that there is an easy fix for all of this: add crew challenge rewards to the loot pool and make unique mission rewards farmable. They already know how to do this. The slagga and the lyuda were perfect examples of this. And for the quest rewards you are just given, just add them to the eridium machine. What else are we going to do with it? Lol.

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some Hellwalkers would drop from the Loot skulls that spawned in the Wedding event. I got one that way…

in BL2, quest rewards would reset on each new playthrough. There used to be an easy way to farm them on console using the secret stash and a USB save.

There was an even easier way on console with just a second controller. You didn’t even need a second account like you do on Xbox one now.


Prior to the Handsome Collection for P4/XB, USB saves & stash was pretty easy. I even did it on the level up to 72.

I used that with the Sand Hawk to ensure my level 72 and eventually 80 variants–had to get one in each element.

one thing I’ll say is a shared stash of 400 is a lot better than 4. In BL2 it would take 30 minutes just to transfer gear from one character to another.

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allready had a fix for that prior to DLC 1…

don’t put guns behind these quests… swap the guns with cosmetics…

also suggested to remove cosmetics from the lootpool and put them in earl’s shop/behind quests/achievements…

but they are still dropping and diluting the friggin lootpool… (why the f*** are there even legendary cosmetics…)