One to rule them all

Ok, now that all characters and skills are on the table, let’s get a general rank on who the most powerful or op will be.
Now this is all subjective and opinion based till we actually gear them out and level them up, so no hard feelings please.


  1. Zane
  2. Fl4k
  3. Moze
  4. Amara
    Amara seems kinda weak as a whole compared to the other 3, and as for Zane Fl4k and Moze, they all seem pretty close in power level. I could definitely see Fl4k usurping Zane if theres a ridiculously powerful sniper in the game, but Zane still takes it in my eyes right now given he can give shield buffs to his team and have powerful kill skills in boss fights. Moze being below those two simply because her action skill will take her away from her guns and shields, which might not scale too well endgame. But of course I could be totally wrong and Amara could end up One-Punching bosses because of a roid shield and elemental melee damage :slight_smile:
  1. Moze
  2. FL4K
  3. Zane
  4. Amara

Moze and FL4K take the cake for me. FL4K can cheese spectacularly if done properly and if you can get consistent kills with Moze’s Phalanx Doctrine and Drowning in Brass. Geeze. If DiB stacks duration stack with every new kill then ■■■■ can get crazy if you have a reliable source of easy kills during a fight.

FL4K for cheese/damage/self healing and Moze for sheer potential damage and tank ability. Zane looks amazing, but I feel, o a good day, his damage is on par with Moze, but his survivability is lacking compared to the others IMO. Amara does feel like the weakest when it comes to skill stat increases, but that might just be appearances. If FL4K can reliably get crits then THEY may overtake Moze for #1 spot IMO, but that depends on the enemy, gun used, and the player.

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Truthfully, I’ve always been a Commando/Soldier type of player.


That said, I wouldn’t call Amara the weakest of them, just the more range-restricted of them. If you look, most of her skills seem to focus on CQC or short- to mid-range weapons (shotguns/SMGs and pistols.) So a properly built Amara could, most-likely, lock down a room, then shred them all with a Radiation/Fire weapon.

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I think it’s way too early to be giving an OP ranking to the character-classes; the builds are complex enough, and we don’t know what actual game play will do to effect us. Like, I remember a discussion thread like this prior to BL2 being released in which the general conclusion supported by the majority was that Salvador was going to be the weakest. :slight_smile:

Which is rather ironic, given he can be built into a walking wall of Dakka with minimal (if any) cooldown between skill casts.

I’ve seen some theory crafting things now that skill trees are present for people to play with builds. However all we really have is the numbers in the skill descriptions to go off of which is basically looking at data on paper without the data of all other variables present. As such some of the things we currently think look OP may be found not to be so in actual when we get to play the game. It doesn’t take away the fun of theory building though and some people would rather pre-plan builds rather than just build as you go. An example I caught a glimpse of was a Moze build that could in theory have a nearly unbreakable shield.

Exactly! That’s why I’m still considering Amara for my main. Sure, her skill trees LOOK underwhelming compared to things like Moze’s Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine, but we haven’t seen enough gameplay or really had the chance to test things out ourselves to really know.

You can write the golden ratio out on a piece of paper, but that doesn’t compare with it’s beauty in the real world… or something like that.


im mostly saying amara is going to be the highest rank because her melee skill tree is better then others and for the fact that you can get insta revived if you go down (every 2 mins) and also for the blitz skill which makes me think of Athena’s melee overide skill. Also i’m like the only person i know that likes to play melee builds so this is most likely just personnel opinion. though i will admit her backstory isn’t as good as others and her element skill is kinda lacking.

It is a moot point, beyond speculation.

Skills do not exist in a vacuum.

Weapons and items can make or break a build.

Items can literally change skills now.

Speculation is banal, and pointless.

But then it comes down to who can best augment those weapons and items. Speculation is fun, and serves as a way to plan out your future endeavors and thus serves a purpose.

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