One Week since release: Glaring Issues

So it’s been over a week since BB released and in my eyes the competitive MP has glaring issues. Feel free to agree or disagree with me here:

  1. Player Disconnects in prematch lobby needs addressing imo, you can go into a match sometimes 1-2 players down because of players leaving due to not getting the character they want. It’s a pain in the butt during a game but why not let another player have the chance of joining so teams are fairer?

  2. Matchmaking by player level is totally imbalanced on my platform of choice X1. I’m facing teams with level 35 and higher (Currently 16 myself) and, even some 50s meaning they have more high end characters unlocked and most likely full Mutations in Helix strings and Gear. This makes teams so one-sided at times it’s just infuriating.

  3. No end match fanfare just leaves the experience all too flat. A music trigger or something just to make the end of a match win or lose something more than just a result screen as every player leaves

  4. Making every player go through matchmaking after every match is so tedious, why not have the option to continue with same players but shuffle teams instead?

  5. Team surrender needs rethinking as more often than not it is abused by players in a party/group who either can’t be bothered to complete the match or just decide to troll and force the match to end early, its abused far too often

  6. Death Punishment in long respawn times only encourages rage quitting which as above leaves the team at a big disadvantage and forcing thee quitter to wait till match is over whilst annoying doesn’t make them change their behaviour and ultimately spoils the experience for those playing correctly. Why not punish repeat quitters with a time out from matchmaking or an XP deduction in matches for a period.

There are more flaws but the above for me is really preventing me from totally committing to BB as the grind is frustrating when the above happens.

Thank you for reading and look forward to any responses :slight_smile:

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I know this has been said before and I know it doesn’t seem to help everyone but get a group of people to play with and most of that goes away (aside from playing people way above your command rank). There are lots of ways to get people to play with like these forums or groups on your console of choice but that helps with leavers and surrendering and the like. I always ask everyone on my team to use a mic if they have it and you would be so surprised how many people put a mic on and I now play with regularly. and if they ever do quit on you just don’t team up with them anymore and find some more new people to team up with!

You do know the flaw is in the game right?

There is logic to your generic ‘workaround’ but doesn’t change the basic issues BB has, they existed in the beta and released with them.

But appreciate the reply.

Yeah but I’ve had little of the same issues others have had. I think this game was designed to be a team game not a soloing game and therefore it will isolate those who wish to play alone and not find a team but it will draw those in who enjoy finding friends forming groups and playing with them and they have chosen that orientation. Is there a possible fix for that yes but is it their priority prolly not yet. Once they get enough player hours and stats they will fix matchmaking to be much better for solo queue people and they really should currently have splits for single queue and group queue but I think they are more worried about queue times which are issues in several server areas (aus server in perticular). But as the player base splits between competitive and leisurely I think it will iron itself out and they can fix matchmaking to be more appropriate for those who chose to solo queue and play alone.

You assume far too much about solo experience players, if I want to fire up BB for a quick few games I hit the above (not all points you solution resolves btw).

Of course BB is a team focused game, stating the obvious does not remove the issues it has which can put potential players off, especially on consoles. I have friends who took a chance on this and after a week have decided it’s not for them because of the above issues. It’s the frustration behind a niche gaming blend which can alienate players instead of encouraging them to invest time into BB.

I posted in the hopes the devs may take the feedback on board, not for a generic ‘its flawed but fun with friends’ dismissive unhelpful standard reply.

Still appreciate your reply :slight_smile:

I’m not going to address surrender or matchmaking because I like many others have made my opinions known about those in many other threads. The one thing I will talk about is death respawn times. Respawn times need to be long for the match to progress. If respawn times remained at 8 seconds all game in game modes like incursion, no damage to turrets would be done. The respawn times have nothing to do with punishing players. It is common practice in MOBAs to increase respawn timers as the match progresses in order to progress the match.

  1. I do find it annoying that people leave when they don’t get what they want putting your team at a disadvantage. But that’s the risk of lobbying up with randoms in any game. The problem with letting people join mid way is if your team choose upgrades to counter who they have then someone joins as a different character.

  2. I think I read somewhere that the current system is just until more people play the game.

  3. I wouldn’t mind seeing the winning team on the screen all doing their taunts or something.

  4. If you do that you could get your friend on the other team to farm achievements, I also found I got the same team a few times in a row just cause we all searched straight away.

  5. I dislike the amount of games that the other team surrender, you never see in sports a team forfeit just for getting scored against early. Though if it becomes 4v5 or 3v5 it is fair enough to surrender.

  6. This sort of game is meant to have a long respawn time from what I can tell, adds to the gameplay. Though punishing repeat quitters with xp reduction or have a longer game search time would be good.

Just my 2 cents

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i am around command rank 50. i prefer to play the game solo, but i was running into premades every other game so i started putting a few friends together. when i actually team up, ive only played against probably two or three other premades the entire time. every other game it was just random level 15’s, etc. We are all at least level 30, and all very experienced battleborn players. so it isnt just a command rank thing, it is a skill imbalance as well. i think we have lost two games together, and that is because we had only 4 of us and terrible randoms a few games last night. so, yeah, we lost two games… out of two nights of playing… most games someone leaves either right away or very early. and i cant blame them, i would leave, too. matchmaking is broken. they should definitely prioritize premade v premade first, then work elo in if possible, if that is what they want to do.

and galilea… oh my. i dont understand it. they nerfed phoebe so fast in the test. they nerfed gali and ambra so fast in the beta. why is it taking them so long to at least hotfix gali? she is three times as bad as ambra or phoebe ever have been. that is currently ruining my experience

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  1. Certain characters need some work/nerf/rebalancing. I noticed a couple of things about Rath today. I went up against several lvl 40+ people using Rath and they just speed across the map faster than all the other different characters I see. Rath needs a nerf in either his damage or his mobility. Rath is the only character I really see that constantly uses his ultimate move as well. I think Whiskey Foxtrot needs a slight increase in his refire rate of his rifle.

  2. Shard collection needs to be tweaked. I can never get over 280ish shards during 80% of the match. 9 times out of 10 when I do happen to see a large shard structure and blow it up one of my teammates comes in and steals all of them or gets a good portion of them before I do.

  3. In my personal opinion a match can and should automatically end if one team has 200 (or below) and the other team has 800 (or higher). This is coming from personal experience. None of the communities I have joined will get a decent pvp group together with mics and I’ve lost sooooooo many freakin’ battles these past 2 days with scores below 200 it makes me weep big salty rage tears. I wear deodorant guys, I swear.

  4. I have gotten an ultimate move maybe 3 times during total play hours. Maybe the leveling system is fine and it’s about #9 but sometimes I swear I don’t get xp when I kill those npcs.

Enemy total team level is TWICE my team’s.

And the match I had before this was even worse, and they were in a 5 man team.
Wish I would have taken a screenshot, their levels were even higher. 55, 48, etc.
Needless to say, one sided stomp fest.

I feel like fundamentally you must be doing something wrong but having never seen you play I can’t figure out what that is. Shards are easy to come by but I would advise using a grey shard item for your load out that way you are constantly accruing shards even if you can’t get them.

Fast characters like Benedict and caldarius can get across a map WAY faster than rath and it is their job to be running around getting most of the shards cause they are mobile enough to do it. If you play Attikus or someone equally slow you waste too much time going to get them and should be staying in or near lane to get xp. So if they are taking the shards i wouldn’t be too upset cause you do get some of the shards anyone on your team grabs, so it’s not a total loss of shards.

and as far as getting more xp goes, there are plenty of other ways to get it other than minion kills. They include:
Minion assists
Building and upgrading turrets and logistics
Getting shards? (Not positive but I think it gets minimal Xp)
Killing and assisting other battleborn
and destroying enemy turrets and logistics.

They all add up so possibly splitting your time between these tasks more appropriately will increase your growth in a game, I don’t remember a game I didn’t at least get to lvl 5 that didn’t include a surrender

For 7-10 it sounds like you are playing capture mostly.

You should know that the Varelsi drop helix level-ups when killed, so you can level quickly. You should be getting your ultimate every match unless it’s a total thrashing.

Shards are scarce in both maps, but esp Outback. You also get a percentage when a team mate grabs them. Not that you need them except to build turrets/accelerators; you should have a load out with all whites that have a zero activation cost. You are doing yourself and your team a disservice if not. I guess I should say imo.

All I’ve played is capture. I can’t connect to the other pvp modes on ps4 without a 15 minute waiting period. Capture pops right up within a minute and a half. I’ve killed Varelsi and nothing drops.

Thanks for the info about the white drops. I’ve only have green and blue. I’ll change it up.[quote=“mmajcan, post:12, topic:1436675, full:true”]
For 7-10 it sounds like you are playing capture mostly.

You should know that the Varelsi drop helix level-ups when killed, so you can level quickly. You should be getting your ultimate every match unless it’s a total thrashing.

Shards are scarce in both maps, but esp Outback. You also get a percentage when a team mate grabs them. Not that you need them except to build turrets/accelerators; you should have a load out with all whites that have a zero activation cost. You are doing yourself and your team a disservice if not. I guess I should say imo.

I only play capture so I don’t know anything about minions.
I only get 2 kills a match tops. The rest are assists and deaths are double digits. I’ve played Rath for the second time today since release and I couldn’t even come close to catching the other team’s Rath every time he would flee and he would speed away so something is definitely up. I still say that Rath needs to be looked at.

capture is one of the harder game modes for exp, but it’s hard to tell what’s wrong without seeing you play. Chances are with that high of deaths you are playing too aggressively even as a rath. Once your sheild is gone you need to be defensive unless you can assure the kill. If you stick with your support (hopefully you have one) engages become much easier. And do you have a mic? Mics help exponentially in this game.

Can we not take the thread off topic please

Im totally behind this, Matchmaking is really cringy right now, I either play with other experienced players against randoms and it feels totally unfair just dominating, or I am playing maybe late night solo and just running into premade after premade, getting spammed hate msg’s or just being ganged up on because i am the only current high level on the team so im easy to distinguish and target.
1.) First of all this game should require similarly to smite or league or any moba an tutorial on not just the PvE, but the PVP. Too many people are either new to moba’s or not every experienced and play multiplayer with absolute no clue to what they are doing, with no elo, your chances of running into these players are even more frequent. And it hurts both high and low skill players because now lower levels are immediately disconnecting when seeing higher levels, even during que- and players are still being forced to play 4v5s or 3v5s
2.) Since this game doesn’t have a ranked, and had a decent beta phase how can multiplayer be this broken? Why is there no penalty for leavers besides just them having to wait. it’s 2016 they most likely will just do something else for a brief moment and come back with no problem no penalty with maximized time effienciency for someone who is negatively affecting the game. This is making more and more people resort to leaving because it is A.) rewarding, and B.) has no real penalty to deter players from leaving or just using the surrender option.
3.) Lastly Gali… She is abused so badly by premades, trust me i’ve been in premades and she is just such an easy win character now. Hot fix or no hotfix something NEEDs to be done about galil and fast she’s not the only character who i personally feel needs balancing, but galil is so obvious from kids to even angry joe is pointing this out.
Like gearbox i just want to kick back after class and play a quick and good game, but constantly i am in some type of troll verse with matchmaking just wasting time. Coming back later only for it to happen again, and again.

Yea capture needs work in general. Basically what high level characters will do is pick extremely strong duelests and camp your spawn area, being you have only two exits with mobility buffs at each end and a barrier that stop you from shooting down at them, they will camp down there or out there depending if you are playing outback or temple. They will deny you all and any experience gain so you will never get an ulti to be a threat so matches are made in the very first or second engages.
Mellka, rath, phoebe, ambra, *GALI, montanna, isic, even kleese and ghalt can camp you hard. they will kill your jungle and steal levels, shards, and mobility buffs. The game ends really before anyone gets to 100 because once rath starts camping you he is pretty much impossible to get out he will simply CC u and DEAD or CC and run, ulti u and Dead. so yea capture is really the most barebones of pvp right now, I’d never go there ever for a actual fun game or actual good XP overall.

Just to highlight point 2) this happened, as per the norm just now…

Which took 15 mins to get going by the way only for this to happen not five mins into the match after my team of low level newbs took a pasting and out of my control…

So yeah, total waste of 20mins. A frequent issue in matchmaking on X1