One year ago : Closed Technical Test

Ever since they showed that little teaser 2 years ago, with a “From the makers of Borderlands”, I was curious!!

I was afraid it was going to be just a multiplayer game only type of game, but at E3, it was confirmed to have a campaign/splitscreen/coop! I was sooo happy and sooo looking foward this game. The art style and the colors and the Borderland-esque-maybe gameplay was just too appealing!

CCT arrived, jumped in Algorithm with 4 other randoms, I didn’t understand a single thing. Pure chaos, pure fun. I had no idea back then how gear worked. I tried Miko, didn’t know I could heal… sorry. I tried it another time in solo just to make sure it was fun still. Ended at Geoff, I thought it was great. I waited for the Beta. It was delayed…

What’s your story?




You were actually persuaded to buy the game as a result of a marketing campaign? Someone should have thought of doing more of that! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I didn’t play the Beta or the CTT, I bought it because my Borderlands crew from here shifted over to Battleborn when it came out. That and the Gearbox-fanboy tha is @Gulfwulf talked me into it :grin:


I actually played only 2 matches in CTT. At first I wasn’t been able to join a match, I think they had some problems with the servers iirc. When it worked - I remember I picked Oscar Mike. The map was Paradise I think. I was just randomly shooting at things (even at my own teammates ^^), didn’t understand a single thing I needed to do. I was confused. Then I tried Thorn - the same experience. Aaand I stopped playing it. The thing that put me off the most back then was graphics. I really disliked the colors, that teal vomit all over the place was just too much for me.

But several months later I tried the beta and loved it, bought the Deluxe edition and didn’t regret at all. ^^

I saw trailers and wasnt impresed i never liked PvPi actually refused to even consider to buy it; my bf got a code to play the técnical test and i played the algorythm over and over and over untill the last day.

Then the close beta and again i played 24/7 i just had so much fun learning all the characters.

Then i decides to try PvP and wierd i was a good player and met other nice ppl and only got 1 mean msg (i was having input lag isseus and went 0-19-0) but after explaining my problems this guy appologize and was a nice person :slight_smile: even tried to help.

To bad i still cant Fix it!! Anyone know how to Fix input lag?!?! I bought 3 Controller and tried to reset my ps and controllerd, also tried every solution i could find in the ps forums.

I’ve got an email from Gearbox about the game, it didn’t interest me with all that MOBA theme. Then there was another email about Open beta and it was made clear it has story mode. I downloaded it just in case and forgot about it, only ran during last few hours. But it was enough to see that I like the game.

Saw the trailer. Loved it. Heard of OW. Saw the characters. Was like, hey, wasn’t there a more fun looking game by gearbox? Read all the characters bios. Pre-ordered. Played through beta with Miko, Reyna, and Orendi

When the Beta finally came out, I played Void’s Edge with I don’t remember who. It was still a blast to play. Then I heard Algorithm was longer! I tried it again. I didn’t play more, cause I knew everything was going to reset and I already preordered the game. It was coming “soon”.

Amazon shipped the game 10 days after release!!! I cried. (well… not really)

Since @Sm0kerCrew and I saw the reveal-trailer we were pumped for Battleborn, we even bought our XB1 for it^^
The moment I saw this cute bug I was in love :heart:

I joined the forums shortly before the CTT and was very excited for it.

At CTT we took free from our jobs to enjoy the first glance at this game. I had the plan to play all characters for at least one mission (aka killing Goeff) but after 2 missions with Rath I chose Orendi - and played her through the whole test, Master of Orendi within 12 hours :smile:

After the CTT was closed it was quiet a cold turkey for me…all I wanted was to have my Orendi back :heart:


I don’t remember if it was the CCT or Beta, but I do recall someone sending me a PM telling me to quit a meltdown match because I am “trash”. I didn’t even understand the rules of the match at the time and I sucked at PvP. Made me unsure if I wanted to buy the game or not. I still suck at PvP but at least now I can contribute to the team by actively trying to win the game instead of chasing kills.

I wasn’t around for the CTT but when I saw that trailer, I was like whoooooaaah I have to try this game. Seriously, that has to have been the best trailer for a videogame I have seen in years (plus they had M83!). Played the beta, had no idea what I was doing but loved it anyway, and preordered it the day the beta ended. Joined the forums just after release in the hopes of finding new people to play with.

Bought the season pass recently as well and ended up getting the Digital Deluxe Edition for a friend, who plays it fairly often. Still a great game to chill with, have a few beers and get pubstomped.

I remember when the first trailer went up on YouTube. The music, the setting and the character design immediately sold me on it. As soon as I saw what consoles it would be on I immediately told myself, "I’m getting a f**king PS4."
Two years later, here I am, still loving the game. Has my playtime gone down since launch? Yes, admittedly so. If you’ve seen my activity on PSN you’ll see I’ve been playing gasp Overwatch lately. Halloween skins, man.
But even so, I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to take part in the Technical Test last year, and I’m glad I’m part of this community

My story goes back little further than Battleborn.

I recall someone showing me some video of Borderlands 2… I was not impressed at all. I’d seen the cover art for the first game and wasn’t interested. Then the Destiny trial came around- that was something my sons were looking forward to because of their history with Halo.

The Destiny trial was a lot of fun- great shooting, loot and levels… But only a trial. So I did some research and found out that Borderlands had similar RPG and loot elements. So I picked up the first game… and lost my friggin’ mind. So good. Then I played BL2… EVEN BETTER (though the more colorful environments were a bit of a turn off). Then came Presequel- Not as great, but still loved the gameplay.

So when I heard that Gearbox was working on a new IP was was intrigued. I got into the technical test. Loved the look and gameplay. I thought the modes could have been explained waaaaaay better- more thorough and with some practice against bots first. The story was not great- but the coop gameplay was enough that I can play through some silliness.

My caveat was that the game needed a strong campaign for me to purchase… It didn’t have that. The game was not worth 60 dollars by most measures, so I stayed away. But once the Digital Deluxe was on sale for $37 american I thought it worth my money to support a Developer that I really like.

The game is still not great. Its barely playable with the wait times and lack of casual appeal. But if it gets me a better Borderlands 3 I don’t mind the support. At the very least its a split screen game that I can play with my 9 year old son against AI and still have a great time. That alone is worth the 37 dollars these days.

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Seen reveal trailer, heard it’s going to be MOBA, didn’t need more to discourege myself to the game (not a big fan of Gearbox). Played CTT because “free stuff”, loved Story Mode. Tried Meltdown as Thorn and didn’t understand anything about it=eternal hate for Thorn+didn’t touch PvP again (ti till Open Beta).

So. I remember seeing the trailer way back and thinking " I need to get that game" adored the BL series and this looked just as awesome. Wasn’t apart of the beta though I wanted to be. Bought the DD the day it came out. Only knew that it had a campaign, pvp and leveling which was 2 more things that I cared about more than overwatch (my 2 friends were leaning towards overwatch but I convinced them to get BB) and I was absolutely blown away. I had never played a moba (or at least an official one) and was quite happily surprised. A first person moba game I could play on a controller made me love it!

Side note: when they tweaked the lore requirements I couldn’t get my ambra legendary so I finally broke down to make an account and submit a support ticket. Noticed I had an email invite to the beta :.(

Though that bug made me sack up and make an account on the forums. Had been lurking and reading tons of posts before hand

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Oh I forgot about the bug! I think it got cut from the final game though…maybe people should petition for it to be the next Battleborn!! :laughing:

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Wait! The last character starts with a B!! puts on tinfoil hat (A Jennerit Bug XD)

@wisecarver You know, even though that was a high concept trailer. You could probably put that into the Lore as the Battle of Penarch :stuck_out_tongue:

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I remember when I received the email from Gearbox talking about the CTT and I was excited for it.

About two hours before the CTT started, I had just woke up from a nap and my mom was out helping out people in a neighborhood who were affected by a flood that hit my area a few weeks before.

And I texted my mom saying that I needed to test a game.

I remember starting up Battleborn for the first time and it was like a whole new world.

And I played the PVP mode first and I played as Phoebe.

I played it for about three days before I went on vacation to Tennessee at the time.

And I when I came home, I played it one last time as Mellka.

Bahroo made a few videos on it which got me really interested (I loved the look of the characters, especially Orendi)

I kind of forgot about it for a while though. I even almost missed the beta. But when I downloaded it I played it for the whole weekend. I don’t think I took any breaks… It’s all kind of a haze now, but after the first day I pre-ordered it in a heartbeat. Most fun I’d had in a PvP game, ever.

San Japan 2015, Borderlands Cosplay Group got me to go… We had known about the announcement of the game for some time, but the car trip back was when we seriously started discussing who would cosplay whom, from the limited list of characters we had at that time, for Pax South in February. Thought Marquis might be in that vein, but another friend wanted to be him, and yet another friend had already started on him.
Mike was the next one I saw and thought I could do, but I wasnt entirely invested in the idea of the character as we knew him at the time.
Then someone brought up Caldarius.
Said ‘maybe’ because I knew that would be a big time investment.

Waited for the CTT to finish the models for Caldarius, and the armor for Rath and Phoebe, since those references were infinitely better than the limited media we had at the time, though I was pretty happy with what I already had. Didn’t actually play the CTT because of working on the costumes. :stuck_out_tongue:

By this time I had already decided I was all in, whether the game was something I would enjoy or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Got to play the beta, played solo on every character I could unlock on the algorithm, over and over. I loved it, though I didn’t get to unlock Caldarius ;_;

Game came out and I finally got to play the renegade and play caldarius. Played him till mastery, but i never really considered myself good as him until much later when others said i was good as him.
So i guess I got lucky in picking one of the only chars Im good at for a costume. XD